On 27th January 2018, I went to the 02 Academy, Bristol, to see Inglorious and Steel Panther. I didn’t actually photograph Inglorious, but they played a great set, as usual. The atmosphere was lively and fun as everyone enjoyed the show and eagerly awaited Steel Panther’s arrival on stage.

I had my Nikon D7000 ready to shoot the band, who are known for being very silly on stage. I was excited, but I also didn’t know what to expect. They came on stage and everyone cheered; people were bouncing around with excitement and the members of the band had big smiles on their faces. They moved around on stage a lot, had fake arguments, threw guitars, and just went a bit crazy, which made it a very fun concert to photograph. The lighting was perfect; there wasn’t too much red, or blue, or green. In fact, the lights were often different colours. The atmosphere was amazing, and everyone was having fun, which definitely made my job easier.

I’d say my photos turned out well, as I entered one into a competition, and won. There were lots of fantastic moments on stage that I would’ve been stupid not to photograph, such as the time Satchel stood on the drum seat and played his guitar and the drums at the same time, or the time they got as many women on stage with them as possible to play ’17 Girls in A Row’.

Overall, I’d say it was a brilliant photographic experience which opened a lot of doorways for me and allowed me to improve my skills in photography.