On 28th April 2018, I saw Secrets of Mariana, Tomorrow Is Lost, and Chasing Dragons at The Station in Cannock. Whilst I did photograph all three bands, I chose to only use my Tomorrow Is Lost photos as I feel like they captured the atmosphere of the concert the most. You can see in the photos that the band were putting their all into the performance and they were obviously having a good time. The lighting wasn’t perfect as it was a bit on the darker side, but I managed to work around it and still produced some good shots.

Even though The Station is a small venue, the band had a lot of stage presence and definitely deserve to be playing in much bigger venues! I’ve always enjoy photographing at The Station, and I especially enjoyed it that night. I took over a thousand photos of all three bands as I tend to just point the camera and take photos non-stop. I’m trying to learn to take less photos, but I’m glad I took so many as I may not have ended up with the photos that I did! I’d say that The Station will always be a favourite of mine to photograph in; there’s a lot of memories there!