AT WORLD'S END - ‘Emptiness Follows’ (EP)



If there’s one thing that outsiders don’t understand about metal it’s that it’s about much more than music. This is something up and coming metallers At World’s End are intrinsically aware of as Down The Front discovered when we caught up with them to discuss their new EP Emptiness Follows.


“Try and incorporate yourself in the scene,” they suggest, “as it’s more of a community”. It’s a good piece of advice for fans and bands alike, their follow up tip is much more geared to musicians however, “lots of practice is always essential.”


The practice appears to have paid off as Emptiness Follows is clearly the work of a tight unit, the music squirming and writhing with subtle complexity beneath the initial visceral blast of each song. The band may have been aiming for something “as raw as possible” but it is still underpinned by strong musicianship and interesting arrangements. Bursts of melody pick their way through the dense wall of noise, but whereas before “everything was hidden under layers within layers” for this EP the band have succeeded in their attempt to bring everything to the surface.


Formed in 2010, when guitarists Stuart Day and Wayne Ambrose saw Rowan Tramain playing drums for another band and decided to steal him, the band have had time to hone their sound. Completed by Tommy Rogers on bass and Mark Hammond on vocals, At World’s End are now ready to take on the world and are already working on the songs for their debut album. If Emptiness Follows is anything to go by it promises to be a beast. 


Growing up, the members listened to everything from Slayer to John Mayer but it’s not hard to guess which the dominant influence was in their current sound. There is a touch of latter day Tom Araya to Mark’s impassioned screams and aggressive lyrics. Lines such as “you’re dead inside / you’re living a lie” would sit happily on any Slayer album (well perhaps not happily, but you get the point). But, At World’s End have taken the thrash template and built their own sound upon it, incorporating influences such as Between The Buried And Me, Periphery and Marmosets to create their own sound. And it really is quite a sound. For an independent band to create such a well-produced - and blisteringly loud - set of songs is genuinely impressive. It’s easy in heavy music for individual instruments to get lost in the mix but on Emptiness Follows each one is given the space to stand out without losing the raw edge the band desired. Mark’s vocals while harsh also manage to be crisp and clear, with an almost hardcore edge to them, overall the sound is a distinctive and engrossing take on metal.


At World’s End have stated that their ambition is to play Download and if they can keep on producing brutal yet intricate songs, as on this EP, then it’s hard to see any reason that they won’t achieve that aim and then some. The band tell us that away from music they’re all big gamers but one listen to Emptiness Follows proves that when it comes to making intense, powerful metal these guys definitely aren’t playing games.


Emptiness Follows is out now on all major online platforms.


Line up:

Wayne Ambrose – Guitars

Stuart Day – Guitars

Rowan Tramain – Drums

Tommy Rogers – Bass

Mark Hammond – Vocals


Follow the band here:

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