"Rock is like Jason Voorhees. You can tie a chain round its neck and drag it to the bottom of a lake, but it will be back to stick a machete in your face when you least expect it." This is the world according to JUKEBOX MONKEY, a four-piece southern stoner-rock juggernaut from Gravesend.


Jukebox Monkey will be appearing at BIG RED RISING 10 on 7th July at The Big Red, Holloway Road, London; "We love Big Red as a venue plus the promoters seem to really care about putting together a good show". The event is, as if you need reminding, a great opportunity for new talent across the country to get on stage and show London what they've got.


Jukebox Monkey formed in 2010 and describe their sound as southern sludgy metal. They are 3 EPs and an album into what promises to be a solid career and are looking forward to stepping onto the stage at Big Red Rising, stating that they are in hope of "a record deal and a world tour with Clutch… but we’d probably settle for some nachos". The band have already appeared at Bloodstock and Hammerfest, which are highlights for them as a band, as well as getting TV airplay of the last single.


This is a band who like to make the most of the stage, so expect them to be hyper at Big Red Rising, and they love to give a great show; "we love [a] venue that cares about their bands and tends to pull a fun crowd who feels the same". They don’t aspire to stadium shows though, preferring to see the whites of the audience's eyes, but still chasing that tour with Clutch, and they "wouldn’t turn down Metallica if they came knocking."


They're looking forward to writing their next album over the next year or so, "aside from live shows, we’re mostly going to be working on our next album. [We've] got around seven new songs on the go that we’re pretty excited about."


When it comes to writing they find their inspiration in many places, including Brexit, and they work as a team in bringing a track to life; "The analogy I like to use is that one member brings in a bunch of engine parts and dumps them on the table. We then all work out how to make it into a slick, sexy machine." I love the analogy but can't help feeling sorry for their mums and partners table though.


Catch Jukebox Monkey at Big Red Rising, 7th July.


Jukebox Monkey are:

Chris D- Vocals and guitar

Pete - Drums

Chris H- Guitar

Niki J - Bass

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