BIG RED RISING returns to The Big Red, Holloway Road, London 1st September and on the bill are DIRTY OL' CROW, "a London based, energetic five-piece hard rock band with one goal – to bring raw and undiluted rock n roll to as many ears as possible!"


"We really liked the style of the event itself. The way the show is promoted before, during and even after show sounds pretty awesome. Also, we know the venue quite well from previous shows and always enjoy playing there. We look forward to make new friends/fans and to see all the other great acts. We’ll deliver a massive 45 minutes set full of energy and balls-to-the-wall Rock ‘n’ Roll! Some new songs and our first single ‘Sex Dictator’ (release date 14th September) will be performed. Expect a blast of a show!!"


Mike, Dom and Keltor came to London from Germany with the idea of forming a band and, through friend recommendation found Vikki and Fil; "From the moment we rehearsed the very first time we all felt the connection between each other and knew that the lineup was complete." They get their inspiration from life and experiences, and all take part in the developing of new music; "Sometimes Fil or Mike come up with a riff which will then be formed into a song. Other times Vikki comes up with some lyrics and we write a song to it. Also, just simple Jam sessions lead to great ideas. Generally, we work on songs quite long to get the best out of it."


They deny that rock is dead but insist that it's alive and well just under a different guise… "Of course the mainstream has changed since the ‘70s but that does not mean that rock is dead. It’s an ongoing process with ups and downs. However, we can feel that it’s getting stronger again. Rock will never die."


The band reached the final of M2TM in 2017/18, despite the first heat being their very first show, and describe their influences as varied across the rock and metal genre; "We are all influenced by different types of music. Not only Hard rock but many other genres of Metal have influenced us through the years before Dirty ol’ Crow. The most of us had different musical projects in the past starting from Blues-Rock via Punk to the darkest corners of Black Metal! All this forms the unique sound of Dirty ol’ Crow!"


Get down to BIG RED RISING 1st September to see these guys live and for free, before they finish recording their first EP and headlining across the country.



Vikki Totten - Vocals

Mike - Guitar, Backing Vocals

Fil - Guitar, Backing Vocals

Dom - Bass, Backing Vocals

Keltor - Drum, Backing Vocals



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