Big Red Rising has a special anniversary show on 6th October and EVERYDAY HEROES are on the bill for the first time. Down The Front caught up with Dan from the band ahead of the show this weekend and the Highway To Hell 2017 finalists and runners up are keen to spread the EH love; "Our mission for 2018 and leading into 2019 has been to break out of Wales and take our music to the scenes around the UK. London is obviously massive where a lot of bands ply their trade so we’d love to tap into that and start to establish a fanbase within the city. We’ve been gigging pretty solidly for a couple of years now and would like to think our live show is indicative of that. We just love to perform our music and have fun showcasing ourselves to new audiences. Expect big riffs, big beats and a big voice up front."


If you don't already know them, Everyday Heroes are a blues-tinged rock band from South Wales with two quality EPs under their belts and currently writing their debut album. "We are very much rooted in a classic rock foundation pulling from elements of blues and southern rock, but to keep the music fresh and interesting we make a point of pulling from all the band members eclectic influences. Our touring playlists can jump from Elton John to Pantera… having that unique blend of styles to look to within our tastes makes the creative process very rewarding, and [we] hope in future releases this becomes more and more evident."


They are looking forward to their first trip to The Big Red and, as is often the case, we talk a little about the ongoing closure of some of the country's best live music venues; "it kills us every time we see one is having to shut down to make way for urban redevelopment or some such thing. What good is living in the city when all the new flats are replacing the culture that makes them such cool places to live? Some [venues] that stand out to me at the moment are The Neon in Newport which is killer if you want a big stage to play with, Route Forty Four in Birmingham is another stand out place with really passionate owners. We just played The Muni in Pontypridd for the first time and that place is attracting some real big names and rightly so. Also we just got done playing the Dreadnought in Bathgate which is a stellar venue run by great people. The reality is most venues are fantastic places but it’s really down to the fans to make sure they get out and show the suits how important they are to the surrounding community."


DTFM are fans of the band and I've been lucky enough to see EH perform live and they are HUGE, big riffs indeed and a powerful vocal. Inspiration in writing comes from their combined passion for music and their wide-ranging influences but the music tends to come first; "it almost always starts with a riff… Luke brings a barrage of riffs to the practice room and whatever we vibe with will become the foundation for a developing chord structure. Once we feel like we’ve clearly defined the verse idea and the chorus we’ll stew on it for a bit while the melodies develop. Once we have a solid melody we are all in agreement on, it gets handed to Dan who takes the melody away and conceptualizes ideas into the lyrical motif. This process tends to be interactive while we develop what we think sounds best coming through the filter of Luke’s voice, and once we’re happy with everything we call it a song."


The rest of this year will see the band focus on finishing writing their album and a few more gigs and festivals in their quest for world domination; "One of the beauties of social media now is how quickly a couple of clicks can take you to opportunities that may have never revealed themselves to you before. One minute you're enjoying a video of a band you like, a few minutes later you're emailing a promoter. Social media has certainly been a seismic shift in the way bands are able to market themselves and engage directly with their fans, and it’s definitely a huge focus of ours. I think in a domain where the financial incentive for bands is shrinking exponentially, having that instant feedback across these websites is vital to measuring your achievements, in the past this may have been measured in album sales, in a streaming landscape that’s just not the case anymore."


Catch Everyday Heroes at Big Red Rising, The Big Red, Holloway Road, London this Saturday. And it's free!



Luke Phillips (lead vocals/guitar)

Dan Richards (guitar/backing vocals)

Lewis Watkins (bass)

Jay Haines (drums/backing vocals)



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