BLACK STAR BULLET have been around for over a decade now, releasing their debut, self-titled album in 2014 through TBFM Records, then gaining recognition through touring and on the festival circuit. Their second album, 'Our Own Noise', was released mid 2017 and the band continue to promote this across the UK. In April they join the bill for Big Red Rising, a monthly showcase event for new rock talent held at The Big Red in London, and they can't wait; "The venue looks fantastic, the advertising and promotion is second to none, the pictures and the reviews we’ve seen from previous gigs look awesome. We haven’t played London for quite a while now and hope that we can impress a new crowd with our stuff".


We asked the band how they got together, and stayed the distance as a band - I mean 10 years is like, wow! "We’ve been together for some time now after coming together from the falling apart of other bands. We all like the idea of writing and playing our own original stuff and despite all having very different musical tastes it seems to work. Maybe that is the key?  There was a rumour a while back that we all met on a cruise ship in various different capacities but it was never confirmed or denied by the band!" They describe their sound as 'ROCK!' and their particular style is based on a mutual love of great guitar-led rock bands - "with great riffs and not too much pretentious crap".


With Big Red Rising, the band hope to attract new fans and impress that one person who might be able to make a difference - "sometimes all it takes is one particular person in the crowd to appreciate what you do and it can open up other opportunities". Amongst the highlights of their career to date, they don’t name ‘A’ list bands they’ve met/toured with but say it’s just as important to make new mates on the circuit - "playing with and becoming friends with so many great unknown / unsigned bands around the country... we’re all in the same boat and you meet up every now and again at a gig somewhere and that’s great". They are obviously most proud of their albums and can't wait to hit the stage in London and grow their fanbase for world domination.

Black Star Bullet have been quite prolific at festivals over recent years, including Rock And Blues, SOS, Breaking Bands and Godiva, although they point out that more and more festivals pop up each year. The experience of a more intimate gig is essential though; "the atmosphere in a small sweaty club can be just as intense as a big gig". It seems to be about venue a lot of the time these days, which is no different for these guys as they aspire to packing out stadiums with fans singing their songs back to them; "to play a stadium and see people singing your songs along with you would be unbelievable".


They've started working on album number 3, and are pretty busy for 2018 with live shows, but say they always have time for more and would love to conquer Europe, after a rather unsuccessful jaunt to Germany - "It would be great to get some gigs out in Europe because our last tour to Germany didn’t go well with our van breaking down in France and us not even getting there so if there are any promoters reading this then please get in touch!"


Catch Black Star Bullet at Big Red Rising, 7th April.



Trev Goddard – Vocals/Guitar

Andy Tite – Guitar/Backing Vocals

Martin Hughes – Bass/Backing Vocals

Gav Hunt – Drums



TBFM Records



To check out more up and coming bands head over to the Big Red Rising Facebook page:

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