LOST GRAVITY is a Camden-based band so they can't wait to get on stage at Big Red Rising, 7th April at The Big Red, Holloway; "We have always been drinking in the Big Red. It’s really cool that now there’s the Big Red Rising night every month and we are looking forward to playing there. We’ve played at the Big Red before and it was awesome! This time we’re just hoping to have a good crowd again, a few drinks and a great time!"


We had a good chat recently with Brazilian guitarist/vocalist Breno Val, the only remaining original member of the band. The band were formed in London in 2007 as a quartet but have undergone line-up changes and are now a duo, with Val writing all the music and lyrics, "The band was formed back in 2007. At the time the scene was saturated with indie bands and screamo bands. We formed LOST GRAVITY with the intention of making the music that we love which is based on guitar riffs, vocal melodies and groovy drums." says Val.


They’ve just released their second album, ‘How to Make a Giant’, and Val says writing songs is a clear process; "I usually write all music, record a demo at home and then we get in the studio and jam to get the feeling as a band. In our latest album Giuliano (drummer) got involved with some of the arrangements which was really cool! We are already talking about some ideas for our third album… When a good riff comes out of my guitar it usually becomes a song. As for the lyrics, they’re usually something personal. A bit like a photograph of a certain situation or period in life."


They have plans to shoot some music videos and continue to promote the new album for the rest of the year - "We just love getting on stage and rocking out. It doesn’t matter the size of the venue or how many people are watching us. We do it for the love for the music. Our second album came out a couple of weeks ago and we’ve just been back from a tour in Poland and Czech Republic."


The band has recorded and released 3 EPs and two full length albums so far, all self-financed and self-released by Val's label, and they have their own unique sound; "We’re a rock’n’roll band heavily influenced by grunge and metal. I’d love to tour with one of my favourite bands… Who knows, someday?" Influences include Dream Theater and Rush (Kolling) and AC/DC, Metallica and Alice in Chains (Val) - "My favourite bands are AC/DC and Metallica and I still listen to their albums. Lately I’ve been listening lots to Radiohead. Their latest album is awesome. Kyuss is another band that is on my playlist lately."



Breno Val - guitar/vocals

Giuliano Kolling - drums, backing vocals



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