AT THE SUN are a heavy rock band whose debut EP, 'Breathe', was released to critical acclaim last year. They are appearing at Big Red Rising #8 on 12th May at The Big Red, Holloway - one of London's finest rock bars. Big Red Rising is a monthly event which showcases original rock bands from the UK, offering them a place on the bill. I caught up with the band in the weeks before their eagerly-awaited performance to chat about Big Red Rising, how they got together as a band, and what inspires them.


They can't wait to get on the stage at The Big Red again; "After playing at the Big Red it was a no brainer for us to get involved with Big Red Rising. The venue oozes swagger and the atmosphere was testament to how rock is alive and well thanks to venues like these. We are hoping to get our music heard by new ears and ultimately gain some new fans! The last show we played, the sound engineer did a great job creating a kickass live sound and that helped us meet lots of new people that are now dedicated supporters of the band, what more could you ask for?"


It can be tough for new and upcoming bands these days to make their mark and the Big Red Rising events are designed to give them stage space alongside some killer publicity. Some have claimed recently that rock is dead but I disagree, and so do AT THE SUN: "Bollocks. If rock is dead then why are Hard Rock Hell festivals selling out time after time? Why are hundreds of bands slogging their way up and down the country to play to rooms full of people? To quote Marco Mendoza – Viva La Rock!"

I'm interested in what motivates young bands to get together and carry on, even if gigs are few or sparsely attended, but for AT THE SUN it was simply a love of music and a shared appreciation for blues, metal and classic rock; "It was thanks to the power of great music and sharing a love for certain artists. Kieron (rhythm guitarist) got the ball rolling, looking to make a band with a hard rock edge that didn’t just follow the norm. Then came Alex (bassist) and together they looked to find the right pieces of the puzzle…Craig (drummer) came in and blew everyone away with his insane ability behind the kit that just took the demo tracks to new heights. When Harry (vocals) sent in a vocal clip, within 5 seconds we knew he was the only person to front the band (those 5 seconds were just two words!) All that was then needed was someone who could accompany this and in walks Chet (lead guitarist)."


And they haven't forgotten their roots or those who were there in the beginning - "A special mention must be made to a fantastic guitarist called Alex Styles who was one of the first members of the band in its birthing days, playing a key part in our development. He had to move back to Germany but will always be part of the AT THE SUN family."


They describe their style as "hard rock and bluesy" but don’t like to be classified or typecast; "It’s hard to pigeon hole us and that’s the way we like it… our inspirations and reason we are together range from metal bands to funk! Our ethos is to work hard as a band to produce music that we love which can then transcend onto the listener." They attribute personal experiences and a "desire to tell a story" as their inspiration when writing and want their music to be fun and fresh. Their highlight is always to play live - "To be able to play the songs you have worked hard on producing and blast them out of an amp with your mates is a damn privilege" - and they look forward to getting their new music heard; "We’re simple chaps so have 2 things we’re focusing on, writing the debut album for release towards the end of the year and doing as many gigs up and down the country to reach as many of our fans as we can."


Catch AT THE SUN at Big Red Rising 12th May!



Harry - Vocals

Alex - Bass

Kieron - Guitar

Chet - Guitar

Craig - Drums



TMR Band Management




To check out more up and coming bands playing at Big Red Rising, check out their Facebook page:

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