12th May sees the 8th Big Red Rising of the year, and if you haven't heard of it yet then where have you been?.. Each month, The Big Red, one of London's finest rock bar and music venues host a night to showcase original new rock bands from all over the UK. CRIMSONSTAR are on the bill for the next show and in an interview they tell us what they value most about Bid Red Rising; "The events Big Red Rising put on are heavily promoted, only seem to have up and coming bands playing, the support from Down The Front Media and Total Rock is something you don't get at the majority of venues and having reviews and photo's of the events publicised makes a huge difference and generally leads to a better attendance, which is all every band really wants!" - Roj (bassist).


Crimson Star are a fresh new rock band from Birmingham, one of many in the Midlands to be creating waves in the industry at the moment. They say they'd love to get a bigger following in the capital and are hoping Big Red Rising #8 helps them achieve some recognition; Jay says, "We are hoping the London music fans enjoy our music and want us back to play for them again!" The band hope to convert people to their groove-infused sound and "crappy facial hair" - Jay (Guitar / Vocals).

We talk about venues some, and how the band were gutted to hear of another local venue closing, The Flapper in Birmingham: "We've played there many times over the years and unfortunately it is closing down very soon and it will be a sadly missed venue in the heart of Birmingham!" And as a local band they feel the loss, being happy to play any kind of venue as long as there are people there who love their kind of music. Roj says, "Size doesn't matter..... apparently [ahem] but dedicated music venues are the best!... Being an unknown, unsigned band means we often don't get to play in purely dedicated music venues and not everyone in attendance is there to listen to music." This is where events like Big Red and festival gigs may make the world of difference to a new band - "People are there for one reason, to listen to top music!"


I asked them who they’ve got their eye on at the moment: "Locally, The Bad Flowers & Stone Broken are absolutely smashing it, we recently played with a really cool band called Thunder on the Left, worth checking out! New-ish (well for me at least) bands I particularly love at the moment include, In Search of Sun & Nothing More."


Their current listening includes Nothing More, Muse, In Search of Sun and Gregory Porter but the guys say they would love to tour with Pearl Jam or Rage Against The Machine. Their plans for the year include lots of gigs; "Gig, gig and gig! Maybe write a few more tunes along the way." - Jay.


They are looking to record a new EP before the year end too so watch this space!



Jay D Shaw - Guitar and Voice

Ross To The Edgington - Drums

Ro J Ash - Bass




To check out more up and coming bands playing at Big Red Rising, check out their Facebook page:

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