The Big Red in London opens its doors once a month to showcase original rock bands from across the UK. Red Hawk Rising host the event on the first Saturday of every month, and this is a great opportunity for new and upcoming bands to get their sound heard and reach new fans. On 2nd June, DEATH VALLEY KNIGHTS promise to bring "Loud head-banging rock!" to the event. And as semi-regulars at the bar they can’t wait to get on stage for Big Red Rising; "The Big Red was the first rock bar I hung out in when I first came to London and definitely a party every night I’m there".


The band claim to channel "the sound of Motörhead, Judas Priest, Metallica, and Iron maiden into a crushing attack of modern metal!" And they listen to a lot of the more established artists - "The older bands that didn’t compromise... the guys who played what they felt and soldiered on no matter what the industry was like at the time".


You have to applaud bands with that kind of ethos really, stick to what you love even if it doesn’t make the top 40 - "It is always interesting to find what people are most excited about and charts are one way to see that. However, the music in the charts is less about what people want to hear (in most cases) and more about what producers believe people want to hear. And in that way the least offensive of the producer’s selections will receive the most audience praise. Our favourite songs tend to elude the charts”. Stay true to yourselves guys!


Their single 'Be The Grizzly' hit the number 1 spot on HRH radio though, which was pretty awesome for the band, a high spot for them alongside performing at the Stone Free Festival and Ibiza; "We love to play where the audience is amazing, the beer is flowing and the sound is massive".


When it comes to inspiration, like so many great new bands they come up with songs together; "One of us will come up with a riff, bring it in to practice and people will jump in with ideas. Jake will then find a vocal melody and shout some lyrics that seem to fit". With subjects as diverse as the occult and "dirty women", this band get inside your head with some real hardcore metal, and the coming year will see more new music, shows and a video, oh and some "drinking"…


Catch Death Valley Knights at Big Red Rising, Saturday 2nd June, Holloway Road London. Admission is free. #SupportLiveMusic



Jake Thorsen - Guitars/Vocals

Pawel Matuszkiewicz - Guitars

Ashley Porter - Bass/Vocals

Hugo Terva - Drums




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