It's almost that time again! BIG RED RISING is at The Big Red, Holloway Road, London on Saturday 2nd June. Entry is free and you get to check out some wicked new bands, including this time around METASOMA. Metasoma are a heavy metal band based in London, formed in 2009 by Polish Guitarists Michal ‘Misiek’ Sedzielewski and Voytek Golbiak. The band are looking forward to their debut at Big Red Rising - "Our drummer played there before with his other band DVK and the atmosphere was great, so when the chance to play with them as part of an event that keeps growing presented itself we went for it. Also one of the sponsors, Blackstar, endorses our guitarists so it's a win win !" Metasoma are proud to be loud and fun and promise to bring along "Huge riffs, high energy and enough balls for everyone to fondle". Oo er missus.


Metasoma have played many gigs throughout the UK, including the Shepherd's Bush Empire in London and the Underworld in Camden, and toured Poland. These are some of their career highlights so far but they say "What is coming up next will dwarf all that!" They're being cagey but they’ve signed to a new management company - "We have a new EP coming out, we'll tour to promote it and we are going to start working with a serious management agency. 2018 had a rough start for us but the second half is looking fucking sweet."


The band's previous releases include two EP's, 'Metal Erosion' and 'Dead Happy', and the widely praised album 'Mirror of Life' in 2014. It was with this album that they found their signature sound, taking the band forward. After three years of writing and contending with lineup changes, the band are raring to go; "Rock has changed, everything does, but then it's up to the people who play it to make sure it keeps evolving into something positive, there is nothing more boring than that whole "revival" movement, trying to cling to the past, leave what was be, learn from it and try to push it further".


For anyone who hasn’t heard them before, they describe their sound as Pantera meets Alter Bridge - "A bit of old school mixed with more recent aspects of metal, ultimately we make our own sound". When it comes to writing new material, it's generally a band effort, "Misiek and Voytek will bring songs to the table, sometimes full ones that we barely need to touch or rearrange, sometime it's more of a skeleton or an idea that we build upon. Vlad will take care of most of the lyrics. In any case the base idea we start with goes through everyone and we all add our touch to it, whether it's a riff, a vocal line, etc... most of the time the final result is a band effort… when everything clicks and the playing is effortless, ideas tend to come out by themselves."


Catch Metasoma at Big Red Rising, The Big Red, 2nd June - free admission.



Vocals - Vlad A. Iancu,

Lead Guitar - Voytek Golbiak,

Rhythm Guitar - Mishiek Es,

Bass Guitar - Ben "Agro" Spooner,

Drums - Hugo Terva



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