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Although the bones of alternative rock outfit Climb the Attic was formed around a decade ago, when founding members Callum Gardner (bass) and Hugh Wheatley (lead vocals/guitar) began using a garden shed in their native Hampshire in which to jam, the band has only been in their current line-up for two years. Wheatley and Gardner were playing local gigs but found themselves bored with that scene, so they headed to London to team up with guitarist Ronnie Ciamponi. A period of furious songwriting ensued, taking place within various bedrooms and studios all over London, resulting in the band’s first EP, ‘Escape the Occupation’ (July 2016). After working through a succession of drummers, nobody quite seeming to be the right fit until Stanley Webb was recruited, who was already known to Wheatley, and the four-piece line-up was complete. Climb the Attic then released a couple of singles; ‘Freak’ (December 2016) and ‘Seen it All’ (June 2017).



‘Another Day in Paradise’ is the band’s second EP and was released on 7th June 2018, the title of which is a satirical look at the world through frontman Wheatley’s eyes. He recalls, “This title of our latest EP ‘Another Day in Paradise’ was thought up after a long harsh and messy winter in our rundown old guardianship house, with no central heating, I must add. When I would usually wake up so hungover and sarcastically mutter “ahhh another day in paradise” it was only when I looked back at the songs and thought, what do they actually mean, it hit me that this is the perfect title. The apparently positive title is actually the name for a very pessimistic EP. Each track is a scream at the world we live in. There are mixed emotions and troubled thoughts”.


First track ‘Not Mine’ is a dynamic introduction to this band if, like me, you’ve not heard them before. There’s no gradual unveiling, this song gets straight to the point with a driving bass, thwacking drum beat and emotive vocals. It really feels like the drums and bass are pulling you along through the song and it feels fantastic. Wheatley says, ‘Not Mine’ “is often an unfortunate response by stubborn people, who egocentrically say ‘not my problem’”.



Wheatley describes ‘Therapy’ as talking “even more closely about me. I refer to this band as my therapy for self-destruction, ironically… ‘how we love to rot our brains, my friend’”. It feels like quite an angry song, the drum and bass taking centre stage again, the guitars and vocals nicely layered over the top. Although the vocals have quite a lot of angst, they are controlled and emotive at the same time. The chuggy bass and drum fills sound incredible, and there is some serious riffage going on too!



'My Mind’ is a real surprise when it starts as it sounds like a tear-jerky ballad, but then the pace really picks up and it turns into something quite spectacular. The vocals on this track are awesome and show just how much talent Hugh Wheatley has. He says of this song, “it’s a bit of a love song about being stuck in a rut and in need of that special someone to bring you back to life”.

Closing track ‘Remedy’, which Wheatley describes as “the remedy for life, which still reveals anger towards reality and distinguishing a moral high ground”, is an immediate return to the harder hitting sound, with loud impressive vocals, the powerful rhythm section never letting up for a second, and the dual guitars seemingly writhing for pole position. It’s a song designed to get you moving, and I defy anyone to keep still when this is played!



As far as looking towards the future goes, Ciamponi says, “We are constantly writing new tunes, especially because Hugh gets bored of his own songs pretty quickly…so we gotta keep going and never stop writing”. We asked Ciamponi how they tend to compose their songs, and he told us that “Hugh writes all the songs on his baby Taylor acoustic guitar (Taylor Swift signature guitar) and we then jam it in practise. After a few hours of arguing and fighting over the structure and the drum fills we usually end up with something we’re happy with. Sometimes, Me and Hugh would run the songs together before we show it to the boys to sort out the guitar parts and decide who takes the solo!”



As far as musical influences are concerned, all the guys grew up listening to what they call old rock classics, Metallica, Fu Manchu and Green Day. They would like to be able to tour the UK and beyond, like some of those bands, so they are currently working hard on that, playing live as much as they can. A venue they would really like to play is KoKo in Camden. Ciamponi says, “It’s just a beautiful venue! It’s like being in this nineteenth century theatre and rocking to a crowd that’s watching you from above! The perfect venue in between big stadiums and small pub stages”.


The last words are Ciamponi’s about what the guys in the band do when they’re not playing, what do they do to relax? “Oh yeah, Call and Stan love playing Fifa while I usually cook meals for my bandmates. Hugh is an healthy man and enjoys his time at the gym”. Of course, it’s inevitable that they also listen to music, so we wanted to know if there are any new albums that we should be checking out. He had this to say; “I’m really enjoying the sound of new records by Fizzy Blood and Strange Bones. On the mellow side of things I believe the new Biffy Clyro acoustic album will become a classic!”.

You heard it here first!



Climb the Attic is:-

Hugh Wheatley - lead vocals and guitar

Ronnie Ciamponi - guitar/backing vocals

Callum Gardner - bass

Stanley Webb - drums



Find out more about Climb the Attic here:-



Upcoming gigs:-

30th June 2018 - ‘Another Day in Paradise’ EP launch - Zigrfid Von Underbelly, Hoxton. (Climb the Attic will likely be filming their next music video here).


20th July 2018 - Inglefest, GL9.

Climb the Attic will be playing TWO sets here!


2nd August 2018 - The Black Heart, London (with Slip Digby, Silent Fiasco).


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