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"Dead At 27 are a rock band from Caerphilly, South Wales, formed in October 2016 by frontman Nathan Gratton-Smith and bassist Mitch Casey. A two-man project proceeded to become a trio when drummer Chris Lerwell took to his post after a successful audition at Pirate Studios, Cardiff. Guitarist, Dave Griffiths joined the band in May 2017. This new addition enabled the band to move into a new direction and to add depth to their live shows."


DEAD AT 27, who took their name from the infamous ‘27 Club’, a club famous for the deaths of rock stars and musicians who all died aged 27, have just released their debut album, 'Bring In The Lights', following their self-titled EP.


Their sound has been described as alt-metal but I would go further in describing this album as a hard rock-alt-metal fusion which is both loud and aggressive but also has a softer side, the vocals switching between brash and snarling to more gentle and compassionate, and generally leading to a climactic chorus; "the main concept we wanted to make sure through all our writing and recording was to make sure that a song should naturally build up to a chorus and that the chorus should be big and epic".


They started recording an EP but ended up with a full length album! " 'Bring In The Lights' is a combination of 6 months writing material as a 4-piece band. We started this process writing 5 songs, the idea was using 1 of the singles to release as a music video then releasing an EP at the start of 2018. Five days into the studio and we dusted off 5 full songs, so we thought to ourselves why not release 5 more. We had already released our first EP and had material for further songs so that’s what we did, went back into the studio in March 2018 with 5 more songs which brought [it] all together."


The album consists of 10 tracks which range from the grungy 'Mud', with a sludgy riff and addictive beat which pull you along, to 'Until The End', which starts off a soft vocal with acoustic guitar before kicking up pace with the familiar crash of drums and killer riffs. The collection of songs is not quite eclectic but shows a range of different influences and is ultimately driven by a growling bassline and brutal drum beat.


"People should expect to hear from 'Bring In The Lights' a balanced mix of heavy hard rock riffs, powerful lead vocal lines, and fast paced drum and bass arrangements, but also more melodic parts. We are all influenced by the hard rock/rock greats - Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, Foo Fighters, Arcane Roots, Refused, Queens of the stone age." I totally get this from listening to the album but with more emphasis on heavy and hard; this is definitely not pop-rock time.


'Bring In The Lights' is an impressive debut album, professional and polished and has obviously had heart and soul poured into it. Stand out tracks for me include 'You're Not Getting Up From This' - featuring a cool tick tock time-is-running-out feel - 'Freak' - starting with a spooky unearthly intro then guitars building until all instruments crash through the speakers - 'Mud', which is their new single, and 'Until The End'.


The band are loud but far more than just noise, they have finely honed their individual parts and come together as a tight and focused band. The underlying style is based on a heavy beat, and the vocals have different timber and styles to suit each track. This is a band I'd love to see live.


"Unfortunately, in August 2018 Nathan our singer had major surgery on his stomach, currently recovering really well but its postponed any gigs for the next couple of months. However, our plan is to get back up and running with open mic and acoustic sessions in September and then start booking gigs for early 2019 late 2018."


See you there!



Nathan Gratton-Smith – Vocals and Guitar

Mitch Casey – Bass

Chris Lerwell – Drums

David Griffiths – Lead Guitar



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