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Interviewed By: Naomi Jeremiah & David Lydiard

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Planet Rock’s ‘ones to watch’ in November 2017, Deever, who hail from north-east England, have to date released two singles, ‘Fire at Will’ and ‘All Come Running’ and embarked on their first UK tour with Mason Hill in December 2017. I was very lucky to witness one of those four gigs and was really impressed by their musicianship and professionalism. It also really looked like they were having great fun with their mates on stage!


DTF caught up with Billy Taylor and Dan ‘Higgy’ Higgins after the band opened proceedings on the Saturday evening at Winter’s End, and asked them how it went. “It was good. It's amazing for us to be invited to play here, and to play on the evening as well! We can't thank the guys here enough. Nobody knows who the fuck we are!” says Billy, euphoric after Deever’s sixth ever gig. There were some Inglorious (Billy’s previous band) t-shirts as well as several Deever t-shirts among the receptive crowd, so clearly some of the 200-strong audience knew who they were. “It's been really nice seeing them and it's cool to see lots of Deever t-shirts as well. I was walking in and I was like, 'I can see at least 3 and none of them are related to me!’”, quips Billy, whose easy banter with the crowd went down well.

It seems the technical professionalism at Winter’s End suited the guys too, “If you can't hear yourself and you don’t know what's going on, it doesn’t really matter how well you know your stuff…you wanna hear what's going on. And when you can it's just more comfortable,” says Billy. Higgy is in agreement, “It's a first for me, cos for once nothing was too loud, even me! And I was the one playing the kit!” The band played a tight, slick set that made the early evening crowd sit up and take notice, the audience growing larger with each song.


DTF chatted with the guys about what we can expect next in terms of releases, “Well, we recorded 5 tracks, released 2, and we were going to put out an EP but then we kept writing…and we just thought, fuck it, we'll just keep writing, we'll do an album,” explained Billy, “We aim to get it out as soon as is sensibly possible. Which is why, well it might not seem like it's taken long because nobody's heard much of it, but for us it's been a year now, we've been together”. The drums were tracked at Liverpool’s Parr Street studios, with the remainder of the recording being done at the band’s studio.

Deever have a sound that’s rock-based, but they like the musical freedom to explore genres within that. “Yeah, we're not necessarily 'ooh what shall we be…', we write, sometimes it'll be me and Phil sat in a room just going 'what do ya think of this?' 'What do ya think of that?' And then we'll start writing music. At the end of the day, we might have a song that's got more of a punk edge, but it's still us playing it so it's like we're going to sound like seven different bands. We're not pigeon-holing ourselves musically, we've got our influences and obviously that will influence what the songs sound like. There are some punkier songs, there are some heavier,” they explain. Sounds like the album, which will be out later this year, will have a little bit of something for everyone.

Deever have a couple of festivals coming up a bit later in the year including Wildfire and they are headlining Stramash Rocks on the Isle of Lewis. They have another couple which haven’t been announced yet, but for the moment they are focusing on the album explains Billy, “Once that's done, we have no excuse, we'll be out playing everywhere we can. More tour supports, get as many festivals as we can, cos we enjoy playing. We wanna have fun, jump around and get sweaty, or sit down and get sweaty (to Higgy)”.

When DTF ask which bands they would like to support in an ideal world, Billy mentions Alter Bridge, and Higgy Foo Fighters and Incubus. In just a year of being together, Deever have accomplished some great things. For their sixth gig to open Saturday night at Winter’s End is pretty damn special. The crowd certainly seemed to agree.


Deever are:


Wil ‘Billy’ Taylor – Vocals / Guitar

Phil Appleton – Bass / Vocals

Dan ‘Higgy’ Higgins – Drums / NOT Vocals

Stevie Stoker – Guitar / Vocals

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June 22nd 2018, Wildfire Festival, Biggar, UK -

July 7th 2018, Stramash Rocks, Isle of Lewis, UK -




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