‘Broken’ the new single from Wolverhampton rockers FEAR WITHOUT REASON, released 7th September, and featured exclusively on Down The Front as an early release for the fans, is a song that’s going to resonate with some people out there.


Approximately 85,000 people in England and Wales alone are convicted in one way or another of Drink Driving offences per year, and on average 940 people per year are killed as a result of Drink Driving. For frontman and vocalist Zaz, a story on the radio spurred him and the band into creating a song that is based on the true story of a man who killed his daughter while driving under the influence of alcohol.

“I heard an awful story on the radio once, where an alcoholic father killed his daughter in a car crash. It was very hard to hear and I had a feeling I wanted to write a song, portraying his grief and the whole incident, accident, whatever you want to say and how he is dealing with it,” explained Zaz during a recent interview. When subjects like this touch our hearts it’s hard not to feel affected by it, and how better to portray this story than through music. To accompany the new single there is also a music video, available to watch via YouTube at: https://youtu.be/oVd2qgomL5o. Through the video the story is told and the conclusion is open to interpretation, but its anti drink drive message is very clear.

‘Broken’ with it’s sombre theme is a song that you will hopefully love as much as I do despite its subject matter. It’s a song that speaks volumes of truth with it’s lyrics, expressing the grief and guilt of an alcoholic father after causing the death of his daughter. Vocally, Zaz has this wonderful silky tone, the smoothness soaring while the instrumentation sits quietly for the first half of the song. When the guitars, bass and drums do kick in it’s explosive and dramatic, full of depth and harmony, each piece of the band working in unison with the other to create a layered, well constructed and emotionally devouring piece of music. This one, if you listen properly will get you in the feels and will hopefully discourage anyone from drinking then getting behind the wheel of a car, or any other vehicle for that matter.

Drummer Andy Goodwin and guitarist Ste Roberts met at primary school and have grown up together, meandering through several incarnations of bands that eventually went on to become what we know today in Fear Without Reason. “Back in school in 2000,” explains Andy, “I mentioned to a couple of guys about starting a band, Ste was one of the guitarists in it, I was a guitarist; Zaz wasn’t quite around at this point, but we found we had too many guitarists so I became a drummer. Our first band was sort of vague, which we loved The Offspring and Papa Roach, you know the nu-metal 2000 sort of thing, but that singer ended up leaving but then we got Zaz and that became our musical journey...”


Zaz came along while in sixth form with Ste, “Funny story actually,” begins Zaz, which draws laughs from both Ste and Andy, “I auditioned at a house party and Andy said ‘No I don’t want him, I don’t think he’s right for us’.” So what changed Andy’s mind I hear you ask... “He actually listened to his vocals,” jokes Ste. “I said,” continues Andy, “I’ve thought about it guys and he’s alright, he's kind of ok.” That weekend progressed, Zaz set stuff on fire, burning his wrist in the process and to this day that section of hair has never grown back. Guitarist Rich Yates and bassist Paul Wilkinson came in after the band reformed and now make up the final members of the quintet and the current line up.

Jokes aside and after a shed load of anxiety issues before going out on stage that plagued Zaz during the first run of the band, resulting in them disbanding, they eventually reformed to continue what they started. The band name itself is a definition of anxiety as it quite simply is, at times, Fear Without Reason, “The name over time means more and more to us, so yeh, it’s something we feel really strongly about,” explains Andy.

Mental health is extremely important to so many people now and the stigma that once surrounded it has slowly lifted. People are more open to talking about mental health problems than they once were. At some point each band member has encountered a mental health issue of some kind, from anxiety to depression so it’s something they take very seriously. Musically, Zaz pushes through his anxiety “I’ve learned to control it, rather than letting it control me.”


Etched into the lyrics of all the tracks that the band have put together so far, there are stories, each one encompassing a theme that is close to their hearts. ‘Holding On’ is the only political song they have created so far, outlining corrupt governments, people on the streets, empty homes and freezing bones, that kind of thing. You can check out their tracks at the usual places, Spotify, YouTube etc (see the links below).

For many artists it’s important that not only do the fans love the music they record, but they themselves have to love what they write, the music has to come from the heart, “If we don’t write music that we want to listen to then what’s the point? Obviously other people have got to like it but we’ve got to like it too. When you love your own songs that comes across, and we drive our partners crazy with watching ourselves, videos from gigs and stuff like that, listening to our own songs, it’s really sad,” laughs Zaz. “It’s only to improve!” adds Andy.


Their musical influences range from Mallory Knox, Funeral For A Friend, Alter Bridge, to the guilty pleasures of Backstreet Boys for Zaz, Vanessa Carlton for Andy and Raquel for Ste. An eclectic range of influences to say the very least! I’m sure that Rich and Phil will be grateful they didn’t have to divulge their guilty pleasures as they were absent from the interview.

Moving forward and progressing with building their fan base, Fear Without Reason will be holding a launch show for their new single ‘Broken’ on Saturday 8th September at The Station, Cannock at 8pm, so get yourselves along to that and catch their live performance! Check out their facebook page for more upcoming events in your area and get out there supporting live music, #SupportTheBands #BuyTheMerch.

You can check out the full interview on Down The Front Podcast #89 which is due out of Friday 14th September 2018.


Fear Without Reason are:

Zaz - Vocals

Ste Roberts - Guitar

Andy Goodwin - Drums

Rich Yates - Guitar

Phil Wilkinson- Bass


Find out more about the band at:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FWRBANDUK/

Website: http://fearwithoutreason.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FWRBANDUK

Also, you can check out their music at:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/fearwithoutreason

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7suK6gK9lZ49Sq7UqbV06P?si=PM1cMGdDTtSnx3hJc01wkw 



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