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Interviewed By: Naomi Jeremiah & David Lydiard

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“That’s probably the biggest crowd and stage we've played. It’s so different you know, it’s a different feeling, everything sounds great, you can hear everything and it’s not as daunting as you think as you can’t see anyone!” say Gasoline Outlaws when we caught up with them as they finished their very successful set at Winters End. “It’s cool you can’t see anyone, it’s just like playing down the local”.


But they are far beyond playing down the local nowadays, having been described by Planet Rock as ‘One to Watch’ after a well-received first album ‘No Rules, No Laws, No Regrets’.


Despite an American sounding name, the band are from Belfast and say it can be difficult getting over to the mainland; “It's awkward for us, it's not like we can just jump over every weekend as it does cost money to get over here, silly money! Years ago coming over here was like some sort of Holy Grail and we would have never achieved it”. Saying that, they do have some dates booked in with Trucker Diablo and a festival or two booked in this year and are hoping to get on the bill for another Planet Rock event; “Fingers crossed there's a wee spot there because I know that's another great festival that they do”.

As well as all this, they’re working on album number two at the moment, testing out some new songs on the crowd when they get the chance; “we've actually played two new songs (today) but we didn't introduce the second one, the second time it was played was tonight so we're still getting the feeling of it”. Album 2 is shaping up nicely and they are taking advice from Trucker Diablo. They say, “we're looking into how to fund it, with help from the Trucker Diablo boys who have done two successful pledge campaigns, so we are talking to them about how to do it and how to approach it. We're going to push that now and hopefully on the back of this now we are hoping to have a few more fans”.


They describe the new album as more mature and, although it’s taken longer than they expected, they are 95% there – “It is coming together a lot slower than we thought, it's hard as you know yourself we all have full-time jobs and we have families, and all that carry on but it's coming on. It's getting there and it's almost I'd say 95% there”. And they are getting assistance from The Answer’s Cormac Nesson in pulling the album together; “It's great giving it to the guy to let him hear a few of your songs because he gives you pointers in what way maybe you should change that bit or try that vocal here”.

Chatting about some of the challenges faced by bands today, the guys are big fans of social media – “Facebook is really good for growing our fan base too with some really good pages and sites out there for new music. It makes the world a much smaller place.”  Bucking the all-too-frequent trend they actually like fans videoing their performance and say it helps to gauge the crowd’s reaction and your performance; “sometimes I want to see what it was like, see if I'm one sexy boy!” Again, social media plays a big part through sharing fans videos and broadening the audience.

Another challenge can be venue when playing live, especially sound quality; “You just want a nice clean sound. You can play better when you can hear yourself, you want to push yourself a wee bit more and that's where you're really giving it your all. It's difficult for us on stage to get an idea of what you are hearing out front so it's good to get that sort of … Sometimes when you play in a band you don't hear everything, you're only hearing yourself. Sometimes I go out the front and just listen”.


Finally, we talked to the guys about what 2018 holds. The album of course, and a few dates already booked – “we are back in June with Trucker Diablo playing Bannerman’s in Edinburgh;  Corporation in Sheffield on 24th of June; and 25th at Tivoli in Buckley. They have a big following so it will be good to jump on with them boys you know”.


We think Gasoline Outlaws will have gained quite a few new fans after Winters End.

Gasoline Outlaws are:

Brothers Matt (vocals) and Chris Fitzsimons (bass)

Adam Parkin (guitar)

Ryan Hood (drums)


To hear the interview in full, listen to our podcast here:


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You can catch Gasoline Outlaws live at:


Tour dates:

26.5.18 Ahoghill Diamond Rock Club

21.6.18 Edinburgh Bannermans – (w/ Trucker Diablo)
22.6.18 Sheffield Corporation – (w/ Trucker Diablo)
23.6.18 Buckley Tivoli – (w/ Trucker Diablo)



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