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Coridian hail from New Zealand, and have been kicking up a storm all over their native Auckland, if the reviews from their latest gigs with P.O.D. and Skinny Hobos are anything to go by. Comprised of brothers Mike, Kris and Nick Raven on guitar, drums and bass respectively, and Dity Maharaj on vocals, the hard hitting, energetic quartet are currently working on their debut album, after releasing EPs ‘Oceanic’, in 2015 and ‘Caldera’, last year. After reviewing and giving a massive thumbs up to ‘Caldera’ earlier this year, Down the Front Media took the opportunity to catch up with the band just after they returned from shooting the music video for the new single ‘Reflections’, from the ‘Caldera’ EP.


The video for the new single was made possible by New Zealand On Air, who give artists grants to fund singles and music videos. Although the members of the band had a few different people hit them up with ideas and visions for the video, Coridian ultimately chose to work with director Mardo El-Noor, who has previously worked on music videos including some with fellow New Zealand artists Decades and Chores. The band had this to say about working with him, “The whole filming was an amazing experience. He had the concept, the vision and his directing style, his energy and ideas were great and we are super happy about working with him”. Here at DTFM, we’re looking forward to seeing the results of their combined efforts when the single and video is released on the 8th of June.


Coridian have just recorded their next single, and are currently working on their debut album, for which several songs have already been completed, some of which are brand new and some from out of the woodwork. The guys have loads of ideas for new material and there are more songs being written at the moment. The release date is yet to be confirmed, but will probably be some time in 2019. The band considered recording a third EP, but they always wanted to release a full album, and as “the general consensus was that ‘Caldera’ was too short haha”, and as the band are also keen on more songs, decided to go with an album!


We asked whether the band would be working with Zorran Mendosa as producer again, as they had collaborated with him previously. They said, “That is the plan, he was a massive part of ‘Caldera’ and our singles. Very easy to work with, heaps of ideas that make us sound better and play better. He not only produces us but he engineers and mixes as well as helping us with song arrangements and collaboration which is very cool”.


Songwriting is something that we find a fascinating subject here at DTFM, so we asked how Coridian approach their songwriting and where the inspiration comes from for their songs. Most songs, it seems, tend to be written with all four members of the band in the room, beginning with an idea for a guitar riff from Mike or whole song from him that includes ideas for bass and drums too, or sometimes it can be a collaboration between all four members. “Nick might have an idea of how he reckons certain parts should go, Mike has a general vision for the song and Kris helps to construct and arrange parts. Dity also has riff ideas and comes up with the vocal melodies and lyrics. If the music is written first, Dity just jams on melodies until he has something. Songs are always arranged by the whole band generally and people can veto if they feel strongly enough”.


Something that is really striking is the band’s logo, we couldn’t help but notice that it’s really cool and unusual, with the bird design, so when we found out that singer Dity is a graphic designer, we had to ask whether that helped when designing the logo. The band had this to say, “It helps hugely. Aside from vocals and lyrics, Dity has a huge influence over the direction of our artwork, from posters, album covers and the logo. The logo sums up the band; the three brothers Raven and incorporates art and design from Dity’s Indian heritage”.


We then went on to talk about musical inspirations, and the band collectively have numerous, including bands such as Deftones, Incubus, Tool, Porcupine Tree, Karnivool & Arcane Roots. But the individual members like many different types of music including metal bands like Mastodon & Gojira, hip-hop artists like Dr Dre, Eminem & Childish Gambino, blues artists like Joe Bonamassa and Peter Green, 90s grunge, pop punk, metalcore, nu-metal, ambient post rock, electronica…theirs is an eclectic and varied list, which is perhaps why Coridian’s music has so many layers to it.


The talk switched to current music, and we asked what the guys in the band were currently listening to, whether there were any bands they thought we should check out! It seems they are particularly keen on Arcane Roots, from the UK, and from the buzzing New Zealand rock scene, City of Souls, whose debut album is due anytime soon. Also from New Zealand, Curlys Jewels, Animalhead, Skinny Hobos, and Fallstate. Said Dity, “I feel like the underground rock scene is about to explode. Also digging the new A Perfect Circle album, Sevendust, Childish Gambino, Strung Out; 2018 is a great year for new releases”.


Coridian have, to date, played shows confined to the North of New Zealand, so the only chance we’ve had to watch any of their live performances have been online clips, which show the staggering amount of emotion and energy the band put into their performances. We asked the band how they prepare for their live shows and how they unwind afterwards. They had this to say, “We meet up in the green room about 30 minutes or so before a show. We take part in a lot of stretching and exercises to help get the mind and body in the zone. We have a shot together before we play and a little pep-talk & bit of meditation. Dity usually spends an hour warming up the vocals with his routine, which involves lots of funny rumbles and yells of different pitches. Post show it depends, generally we are watching the next band or chatting with people so we unwind once the whole show is over when we are at home or at the accommodation doing our own thing”.


The band recently did shows with P.O.D. and Skinny Hobos which went down really well, the reviews are great, it seems the crowds were receptive and really warmed to Coridian’s energetic stage performance, impressive musicianship and catchy songs. P.O.D. was a pretty big gig for the band as a lot of them grew up with that band and the whole nu metal scene. The Skinny Hobos gig was slightly different as they are good friends with the guys in the band so it was much more familiar, but regardless of the band they are supporting, you get a real sense of pride in their performance and the band say, “It’s been awesome playing to bigger crowds and meeting new fans, reviews have been very humbling for us”.


It’s clear the band would love the chance to play in front of live audiences outside their local area, so we had to ask them where they would like to play, in an ideal world (and maybe with the right sponsorship!). Here’s what they had to say on the subject, “Anywhere, everywhere! America/Canada, UK & Europe, Aussie. Should probably hit the South of NZ first haha. We would love to play with Arcane Roots, do you know them haha? Have we mentioned that we like them? But so many bands, any opportunity would be amazing to tour internationally. We are very stoked with all the bands that have taken a chance on us for touring so far and cannot wait to do more, bigger tours!”.


Coridian is an accomplished, hard-hitting band that write absolutely breathtaking songs; the musical prowess of the three Raven brothers layered with the powerful vocals of Dity make for a knockout combination. If you’ve not heard ‘Caldera’, you’re missing out, look out for the single ‘Reflections’, and accompanying video, out on 8th June. The band clearly relish being onstage and this is where their music comes alive. If you’re living in the Auckland area…lucky you, get yourself to a show, you’ll not be disappointed!


Coridian is:-

Dity Maharaj - Vocals

Mike Raven - Guitar

Kris Raven - Drums

Nick Raven - Bass


Find out more about Coridian here:-

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