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The New Roses embark on their Headline ‘One More For The Road’ UK tour on Wednesday 21st November and they couldn’t be more excited; "I always wanted to make music and I always wanted to travel the word. Now that this “job” connects two of my biggest desires I’m always excited when we go for another ride. From a small-town cover band to a worldwide touring rock band is very adventurous, I can tell you that."


As well as the UK dates, there are extensive dates across Europe, and of course The KISS Kruise VIII! To be the only European band on that cruise is fantastic! "It’s the first time a band from Europe plays on the Kruise and it’s the first time THE NEW ROSES play in the US. When you play classic American Rock music like we do, you always dream of making it across the ocean and play where your music comes from but as a German band your chances are slender. So, it’s definitely a dream come true. Also, I always pictured our first US show in a small bar or a small highway diner or something like that. If you would have told me that it’s going to be on a big ass boat on its way from Miami to the Bahamas I would have laughed out loud and called the doctor. So, I’m sure this is going to be a milestone in the band history. Anyway, it’s going to be a hell lot of fun!" And all this follows 30 festival dates over summer. Phew!


The band are often compared to the greats like GnR, AC/DC, Kid Rock, Aerosmith and Metallica but their influences also include old style soul singers - "My vocals though are very much influenced by soul singers such as Solomon Burke, Wilson Picket or Sam Cooke" - and they listen to country music on the tour bus - "Another element that we blended in on the last record is Country music. On tour on the bus it is pretty much all we listen to, so it’s only natural that it found its way on our latest record because we toured so much. It was very well received, which makes me happy. Songs like ‘Every Wild Heart’, ‘One More For The Road’ and ‘Life Ain’t Easy (For A Boy With Long Hair)’ were very successful on the radio and are the most Country songs on the record."


The New Roses were founded in 2007 by singer Timmy Rough and drummer Urban Berz and by 2012 had already opened for ZZ Top, Black Stone Cherry, Joe Bonamassa, Die Toten Hosen, Blackfoot and Roger Chapman. "We shared the stage with so many other great bands. With some of the bands we really became friends, from other bands you could really learn a lot and sometimes the audience were perfect for our music. There are different categories that define the value of a tour."


The title track from their debut album, 'Without a Trace' was included on the German soundtrack of the US TV series Sons of Anarchy; "We were just finishing the recording and I was really proud of the title song because it felt like I had reached a new level of songwriting. We had no record deal or any other support, so getting picked by a company such as 20th Century Fox to be on the soundtrack with that song, was unbelievable and a big motivation for me. I thought “Hey man, maybe your songs have what it takes to reach a lot of people”. It definitely opened some doors for us and brought some attention. I was only around 25 so this whole thing helped my credibility as a songwriter a lot and of course the band’s credibility because we were just about to release our first record with American Rock and Roll on it. A small-town cover band from Germany gets picked for the soundtrack of an international TV show with the title song of their debut album that they recorded in small garage studio and that was released by themselves without any help or support. And we also were the only not American band on the soundtrack. Imagine that, that was pretty cool!"


In February 2017, the band played their first three shows in England, in London, Derby, and Nottingham. In September 2017 The New Roses played two shows in Afghanistan for the multinational troops of operation 'Resolute Support'; "We always wanted to show our respect for the great work they do over there. I don’t just talk about Germany. There are so many countries involved and working together on “Resolute Support”. We told the German military that we would love to show our respects the best way we can and they flew us in. We spent five days there and played two shows. The second one was a spontaneous decision because everybody asked us to play again. So, we set up our gear on the back of a military truck and played again. We had the chance to talk to many soldiers from many different countries and I really think we gave something back there. We are still in contact with some of the guys and often enough some of them appear at one of our shows. Definitely one of the most exciting things music has ever made possible for us."


The band say they are on fire for their first UK headline tour! "We have been to the UK several times and we sure know how many great and legendary bands came out of this country. It’s a pleasure to visit again, but this time with a full show during this headlining tour. So, you can expect more songs, more power, more fun, and all the energy we have. You won’t see no computers or costumes on stage. Just one hundred percent straight from the heart Rock and Roll. And we are happy to share the stage with other great bands such as Departed, The Brink, Heartbreak Remedy, Saints Of Arcadia and Voodoo Vegas during this tour. So, you can definitely expect a fucking great time."


The New Roses embark on their Headline 'One More For The Road' UK Tour on Wednesday 21st November.



'One More For The Road' is out now.



Timmy Rough - Vocals/guitar

Norman Bites - guitar

Hardy - bass

Urban Berz - drums


Upcoming Dates in the UK:

Fri, SEP 14 Hair Metal Heaven, Hull

Wed, NOV 21 Brickyard, Carlisle

Thu, NOV 22 Yardbirds Rock Club, Grimsby

Fri, NOV 23 Winterstorm Rock Weekender, Irvine

Sat, NOV 24 Corporation, Sheffield

Sun, NOV 25 Trillians, Newcastle-under-lyme

Tue, NOV 27 Lousiana, Bristol

Wed, NOV 28 1865, Southampton

Thu, NOV 29 Underworld, London

Fri, NOV 30 Rebellion, Manchester

Sat, DEC 01 Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff

Sun, DEC 02 Robin 2, Wolverhampton





The New Roses (EP) (2012)

Without a Trace (2013)

Dead Man's Voice (2016)

One More for the Road (2017)

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