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When a band lists their influences as Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jeff Goldblum, Cold Meats and Mariah Carey, you know they’re going to do pretty much everything with more than a dash of fun. Energetic two piece POLISH CLUB from Sydney, made up of vocalist/guitarist Novak and drummer John-Henry (JH), have been blazing a trail across their native Australian festival scene and acted as support on Royal Blood’s debut Australian arena tour earlier this year. Following Polish Club’s first string of dates in the US, the time has come for the band to play their first European dates, starting in London at the beginning of August, before they head off into Germany.


Having previously released a self-titled EP pretty soon after they formed in 2015, the band are set to release their debut album ‘Alright Already’ to worldwide audiences on 10th August 2018. This first full-length recording features their first double ‘A’ sided single ‘Able’/‘Beeping’ and new single ‘Come Party’, which have both impressed festival audiences back home.


Album opener ‘Where U Been?’ is a rocky track with the focus very much on pounding drums, a sliding bass beat, groovy rhythm and catchy hook. It’s short but sweet. Current single ‘Come Party’ is an infectious song that asks us to “Have fun later, come party with me!”. With an energetic vibe, a beat designed to get you moving and a chorus that will have you singing along instantly, it’s an invitation that few will be able to refuse. ‘If It Was Me’ has a different kind of laid back groove which makes me think of lazy summer nights…until about three minutes into the song, where the pace picks up.


Novak’s soulful vocals really shine through on ‘Why Should I?’. ‘Whatchuknow’ has a really old school rock ’n’ roll vibe that catches me by surprise. It’s really catchy and has a great hook. The opening bars of ‘How to be Alone’ bring to mind The Shirelles ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow’, which isn’t even a bad thing, even though that would be so far removed from the ‘rock’ genre…but it wouldn’t even matter!


There’s a bluesy-sleazy guitar thing going on in ‘Broke’, which I really like. The tune is catchy as hell, I adore the crashing cymbals, the vocals are on fire on this track too. JH’s frenetic drumming style works in complete tandem with Novak’s bluesy guitar and it sounds fantastic. ‘Beeping’ and ‘Shark Attack!’ are both fast paced, thousand miles an hour songs which contain lovely changes of tempo. I absolutely love ‘Able’ from the first pounding drum beats; it’s an sentimental song and you can hear the raw emotion in Novak’s voice. The fantastic blues-rock guitar feel of ‘My Delight’ is another highlight. This song combines modern blues with ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll and makes it sound so simple.


This first album from the Sydney duo draws on influences from blues, rock, soul, punk and ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll and melds them together to create an album of short, infectious songs. If you’re wondering what you can expect from a Polish Club live show, take a look at the band’s FaceBook page and check out the footage of their live shows, it’s really rather impressive. Not only are they talented musicians, but their overwhelming willingness to win over their audience, combined with their charm and brilliant sense of humour make them a band well worth checking out live.


Polish Club is:-

Novak - vocals/guitar

John-Henry - drums


‘Alright Already’ track listing:-

Where U Been?

Come Party

If It Was Me

Beat Up

Why Should I


How To Be Alone



Shark Attack!



My Delight

Red River Rock


UK tour dates:-

2nd August - Paper Dress Vintage, London, supporting Lucia - get tickets here:-


4th August - Nambucca, London, supporting Hoodoo Daze - get tickets here:-


5th August - The Old Blue Last, London - FREE ENTRY


Find out more here:-







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