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Cornish hard rockers T.A.Y.N. were formed in 2017 by drummer Tats McGee and guitarist Denn Leavy after the pair grew frustrated with a lackadaisical attitude towards touring in their previous band Loft. Initially intending to be a duo, McGee and Leavy quickly decided they needed bass and vocals to complete their sound, and enlisted Darren May on bass and vocalist Lucian, to complete their line up.


‘Living My Life’ was released on May 26th and is the band’s first single from an EP that will be out in September or October this year. McGee wrote it in the very early days, back when the band was still a duo, and the song is about having the absolute determination to do what you want, wherever you want. The lyrics are certainly interesting, the opening line being “I wanna drink so much that my boots fall off and my mouth feels like an old dishcloth”. That, together with the opening riff that instantly reminds me of the kind of rock I used to listen to as a fresh-faced teenager (not a bad thing at all!) made me sit up and take notice. If that doesn’t get your attention, then maybe the next line, “My balls are itching like they’ve never been scratched before…”, a favourite line of McGee’s will. It’s apparently a head turner at gigs, as I guess it would be. It’s not every day you hear a woman singing about her balls!


While I mention being reminded of the rock music from my late teens, this track is bang up to date and is being played on about 25 radio shows around the world, a number which is growing day by day. Lucian’s vocal comes across crisp and clear, the backing vocals are perfect, the drumming is thunderous, complemented by wonderfully chuggy bass lines and blistering guitar riffs, and the song is melodious, well structured and has a great hook.


It’s an ideal introduction to T.A.Y.N ahead of their EP, which will be recorded with Adam Chinner at Freefall Recordings when the band have raised sufficient funding. Adam is responsible for the excellent production on ‘Living My Life’.


As far as writing songs is concerned in the T.A.Y.N. camp, Leavy tends to have an idea for a riff, which gets jammed out as a band to get a rough music structure, everyone is then able to critique each other, then Lucian writes some lyrics, before “We all make it into the best piece of music we can, by playing it, refining it and finding backing vocals if needed. It's always been done this way since May last year. It works well for us… writing in the good old fashioned way”, says McGee. The band members are all fans of music and listen to a wide range of music; Lucian’s current favourites include Opeth, Clutch, Parkway Drive, Joe Bonamassa and Fleetwood Mac; Leavy is currently listening to The Story So Far, Title Fight, Alter Bridge, Ghost and Biffy Clyro; McGee is into Valhalla Lights, Voodoo Blood, Hands Off Gretel, Ten Foot Ninja and Avenged Sevenfold; May likes Mason Hill, Black Stone Cherry and Rush. As far as influences go, McGee has this to say, “To tie it down to a specific list would take too long. T.A.Y.N. write music as opposed to songs, influences are at work, sure, but it could be from anywhere or anything that inspires the moment as we write”.
The band started playing live in December 2017, and have a couple of shows coming up in Cornwall this month with Cybernetic Witch Cult, and will also be supporting Those Damn Crows at St Austell Band Club in August. A tour is being planned for later in the year.


As for festivals, they have made a bid for a slot at Bloodstock 2018 and are hoping ‘Living My Life’ brings a few more opportunities for them, and a shot at more festivals next year, on the back of their tour this year. As a goal, the band would love to play the main stage at any rock, metal or other festivals in the world! T.A.Y.N. may be a new band, but they definitely have their heads screwed on and they are looking towards the future. They see themselves as a family, and while the band members obviously have lives outside the band, T.A.Y.N. has rapidly become a huge part of their lives.


T.A.Y.N. is:
Lucian - Lead vocals
Denn Leavy - Guitar and backing vocals
Darren May - Bass
Tats McGee - Drums and backing vocals


21st June - Barley Sheaf, Liskeard (with Cybernetic Witch Cult)
23rd June - Snow Bar, Par (with Cybernetic Witch Cult)
24th June - Cornwall Sound Lounge, St Austell Bay Radio with Sheila Vanloo
25th August - St Austell Band Club (supporting Those Damn Crows)


Watch the video for ‘Living My Life’ here:-


Find out more about T.A.Y.N. here:-


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