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With a UK headline tour about to kick off this Saturday 24th March in Plymouth, 1.9 million YouTube views of ‘Nova’ from their 2017 EP ‘The View From Ruin’, it’s safe to say that THE FALLEN STATE are on a fast track to something truly huge.

After performing at Planet Rock’s Winters End 2018, DTF caught up with two fifths of the band after their punchy wakeup performance for the festival goers that really shook them out of their sleepy state, “I think that’s what you need when you start a festival, you need someone to go on stage and kick things off the right way, you know, you want to ease in, it’s a festival, it’s a rock festival, let’s pump it up a notch, you’ve had a beer so let’s kick it off and have some fun! So that’s what we were trying to do, we weren’t trying to warm the crowd up slowly. We just went on and said lets have some fun from the get off and to be fair the crowd just went for it. You know, a lot of them were straight in at the get go.”


Warming a crowd up at a festival can feel like a heavy weight to carry, you’re solely responsible for lifting the heads of the crowd and assuring them that their money hasn’t been wasted, but that aspect doesn’t seem to faze TFS in fact they said, “In terms of logistic wise, you get a sound check which no one else does! So you almost have a really good sound because you’ve got all the sound you want. From an audience members perspective, it’s the first band coming on, so you’ve heard nothing yet, so you’ve had nothing to compare it to.”

There’s nothing but praise from TFS for the organisation at Winters End, the added bonus of having the Planet Rock DJ’s introduce the bands throughout the weekend is what makes Winters End such a great festival as they encourage the crowd to move forward to the barrier, “The great thing about this festival as well, is that we had the dude come on before saying lets get this going, you all come down the front,” explains TFS, “We didn’t have to do half the work as they’d already done that for us! They’d done half my job for me! It would have been the first two songs me getting people to come down the front, you know you’ve got the crowd excited, getting them down there, and getting them ready to go, but the crowd’s already ready, and that’s the great thing about this festival compared to others.”


With the ticket sales for the forthcoming tour going well, TFS explained, “It’s down to dedicated fans coming out and being willing to spend their hard earned cash on watching some live music which is very well appreciated by bands.” Having embarked upon their first headline tour last year and only including 7 dates the band remarked that “a lot of people were saying, you’re not close enough to us” - regarding venue location -  so this time around “we thought, lets just do it, lets see how it goes, and to be fair the ticket sales have been decent and we’ve seen a lot of people that maybe wouldn’t have travelled from Edinburgh to Manchester, that are now like ‘we’re fans we’re from Scotland, we’ll come to Edinburgh. It’s been decent, and that’s the way you’ve got to do it really, we’ve got to test the waters... this year it’s kind of like we’re pushing the boundary a little bit more, we’re going to put bigger venues on, and just see how it goes, and if it goes well, ideal.”

The Fallen State are set to record their debut album this year, and this tour will see the introduction of their new material into the set, so Winters End is the last time that they play that particular set. They’re priming themselves for the new tracks and have been busy writing them since last October, “We are recording our debut album this year, don’t know when that’s releasing but we will be playing some new songs from that... we’ve been working ridiculously hard on (the new tracks), and that’s where it’s going to pay off, so we’re gonna go ‘lets test these songs out,’” so the tour is a road test of the new material to gauge the reaction from the audience and enable them to make tweaks to the tracks before committing them to the recording studio, but TFS are confident in there song writing for the new album, “We already know this stuff is really really strong.”

Already eager to get the new material heard, “I cannot wait to play some of these songs. We’ve been working on it for six months, the first one, we started on the computer, on logic pro at home, I started it on April 22nd last year, and we still ain’t played it, and I cannot wait to play it”. Such eager enthusiasm for their material and to share that with their fans is what makes The Fallen State such a great band, not to mention the desire to ensure that they deliver quality live shows is what drives them on, “When we write we write for the live show, we’re not writing for let’s make this sound nice on the recording because we’re a live band and we want to make these songs sound decent live, and we want to have fun live so, all the songs on this new album, we’re like, how can we make this live show like 30 times better.”

It’s all about the live sound and the ability to produce a quality performance for the fans, after all that’s what they want and what they pay for, they want to be entertained and judging by the enthusiasm of the band I’d say the fans are in for a real treat on this tour, “We’re trying to please our audience in that we like playing the heavy, the fast, we like getting into it and having a kick ass rock show and that’s what we want to write, so it doesn’t matter if some of the songs are not the best recorded song ever, but you play it live and it’s going to be like kick ass man! That’s what we’re writing for.”


Producing their EPs has helped them to hone their craft, and now they are breaking that cycle of EPs, their debut album will be “like a huge construct of 40 songs crushed into 10!”, a refined album, that has come to fruition through the process of ditching songs, melding song parts together and really delivering an album that comes from experience and technical knowledge. It sounds to me like the new material is going to be the best yet.

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