The Jupiter Blues - Self Titled EP


"THE JUPITER BLUES formed in 2017 under the name Jupiter Hollow, after Chris (guitarist) and I had tried to get a blues act together for a couple of years" says vocalist Dale Orenda, "We met Rick, a fabulous multi-instrumentalist in his own right, who had just moved to Merseyside, and expressed an interest in playing bass. We played for a while with people filling in on drums, then we discovered Ross at a local jam night… We’ve gone from strength to strength since."


TJB have just released their debut self-titled EP for streaming, the physical copy being released 1st September, recorded with Michael Johnson at Tankfield Studios, who has worked with Joy Division, New Order and Cozy Powell.


The four track EP is a mixed bag of rock, blues, and a little country and soul thrown in for good measure. "We’re always working on new music and new ideas. It’s a non-stop process. We’ve got some really cool songs in the bag which didn’t make it to the EP this time, and that we’re saving for a bigger and bolder release in the future. We’re really wearing our influences on our sleeve with that stuff, and we’re damn proud of it!" As well as a shared love of blues, influences range from Springsteen to The Stones to ELO; "There’s no way we could stay a straight blues band with all that thrown into the mix."


'Stingin'' is a real blues-rock modern classic from the twang of the guitar to the keys, and has real singalong quality. 'Six Foot Bulldog' is mid tempo with a southern flavour, whiskey marinade giving it a little extra swagger, with gritty vocals, chugging riffs and a steady drum beat.


Dale says of the writing process, "With Stingin’ and Six Foot Bulldog, they started with me on the floor in my living room with a busted old acoustic guitar, working out a basic chord structure and melody. Then I took it to the band as a basic idea, and let them weave their magic." And magic was woven indeed.


'While The Sun Is On Our Side', based on a riff Chris wrote, is a real romp of a song which changes tempo and mixes up styles, with distortion on the guitar and a powerful vocal accompanying some effortless riffs. 'Little Moon' is a complete change of pace, a stripped back acoustic track with lush emotional vocals, simple yet gorgeous and with a country feel to parts which makes me reach for my chaps.


Dale says, "As the lyricist, I’ve brought my mental health issues to the song writing process. It’s been a tough couple of years on that front, and music has been a hugely positive outlet. I’d probably drive myself crazy otherwise. But I think you can see that we have a lot of fun as a band as well. We always try to  show everyone a good time, even if I am singing about some difficult stuff. I think that comes through on the EP."


The EP is already available to stream and the band are overcome with the response so far; "We’re truly amazed by the response from people we’ve never met, as well as the hugely positive early reviews. The fact that people are enjoying the music, and willing to pay their hard-earned money for a little bit of what we do is truly humbling, and I can’t express how much that means to us." The physical copy is available 1st September so get your hands in your pockets folks.


Check them out on the road; "We’ve got a tonne lined up for the end of the year, all of which we’re excited about! You can find them on our Facebook page. But to name a few, we’re supporting Mr Robert J Hunter and his incredible band at the Musician Pub in Leicester in September. We’re also supporting Jeff Rich (from Status Quo) and his new band the Triple J Trio in October, same venue. Then there’s our first trip to London as a band, playing at the historic Troubadour in support of the incredible Second Sons in November. We’ve got some cool headline gigs as well, travelling down to Newark to play the Flying Circus, which we’ve heard nothing but positive things about as a venue. And we’re playing the Big House Blues Bar in Darwen, Lancashire in October as well. We’re down in Wales and Wigan early September for a couple of cool festival dates. So busy until the end of the year it seems!"




Six Foot Bulldog

While The Sun Is On Our Side

Little Moon



Dale Orenda (Vocals)

Chris Mitchell (Guitar)

Rick Davies (Bass, Keys, Vocals)

Ross Brown (Drums, Percussion)



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