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Interviewed by: Lindsay Smith-Boam

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Wow, it's almost 3 years since ZP Theart joined Skid Row as frontman extraordinaire. Being a huge fan and knowing the back catalogue like the back of his hand, the audition process should've been a breeze for ZP, South African singer-songwriter and original singer of British power metal band DragonForce;  "I'm a massive fan, I grew up with the songs…  I was expecting like here's 3 songs come and audition and they flew me to the states, I turn up and I had 15 songs and I said well just do any of these 15."

He has big boots to fill but ZP is up to the challenge - "Some of them (fans), you know you got the metal police standing there with their arms crossed saying yeah you fucking idiot show us what you can do. But by the end of it - I got them!" And now he is living the dream - "I can actually sing the songs instead of just driving in the car and singing them!" - and larging it on stage with one of the most iconic bands of all time.

Skid Row have such a massive and well-loved catalogue that it must be difficult to pick a favourite - "The guys have got so many bloody hits, what do you choose… Quicksand Jesus is one of my all time favourite songs and I can really sink myself into that one...  One we often do as well is ‘Chain Gang’, which is just balls out and that’s just one of the very very most challenging ones and I love it, I love that song. I love them all you know! The set we have now is predominantly the first couple of records even that is only just a few of them and there is so many more that can be done as well."

It's great to hear that the band are planning on writing and recording new material, and ZP is right in the middle of it, and very keen to let us know that the sound will be true to the classic Skid Row style and sound whilst embarking on a new chapter for the band. "We have done a bunch of demos and we are in the writing process so yeah it’s all happening… it’s going to be very Skid Row! Keep it as close to the original as possible, you know that's what people fell in love with in the first place and you don’t want keep changing formulas, stick with what you are good at and go for it". Recording will be in the US, where all but ZP live; "I still live in the UK and I’m racking up air miles left right and centre I can assure you of that and yeah, the boys all live in the states and whenever we have stuff going on I go and squat at Rachel’s most of the time".


Skid Row's tour of the UK has been supported by Toseland and Bad Touch, and ZP says they all get on great. We asked him what advice he has for up and coming bands - "Get a real job!! lol!!! Well the industry is very cut throat it always has been but it is even more so these days, perseverance, that is, if you set your mind on something there is nothing else, there is no safety net, there is no fall back, if you say oh I'll just study something to fall back on in case, that's the end of the game already. There is nothing else... That's all I can say, if you decide to, jump in the deep end start fucking kicking mate otherwise you are going down."

The tour of Europe starts in May and I'm sure ZP and the rest of the band will continue to have a blast - "I can’t tell you or even express how I feel! Oh yeah, I'm loving it, every second of it, I pinch myself every night and say is this really for real? Is this really happening to me?"

You can find out more about Skid Row and their tour news on the following links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialSkidRow/

Website: https://www.skidrow.com/



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