BAD TOUCH / MOLLIE MARRIOTT / MEME DETROIT - The Empire, Coventry 25.11.17


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Having arrived at The Empire, Coventry and being kept waiting outside for almost an hour after the advertised door opening times I was disgruntled even more to find that the main venue hall was not where I was to witness the awesomeness of Bad Touch and Mollie Marriott, but instead, herded upstairs to the poorly lit and much smaller attic room.


Thankfully, we aren’t kept waiting that long until we are graced with the appearance of the support band MeMe Detroit, customary face paint intact this midlands based rock/grunge/indie outfit take the stage amidst a performance that ranges from the soulful and raw cover of the late Bowie’s ‘Ashes to Ashes’ to the more upbeat and energetic ‘How She Runs’ while venturing out into the semi-thawed audience to mingle with the fans. Yet despite this obvious incursion into the crowd and the desire to gain attention from the less than excitable audience, MeMe’s efforts fall short and gain very little enthusiasm from the still disgruntled and possibly slightly hypothermic patrons. Nevertheless, the short, energetic and impassioned set was well received by all.


For more information on MeMe Detroit click here.


After a brief interlude and a quick stop at the bar for a much needed refreshment, Mollie Marriott takes to the stage and it would seem that our disappointments for the evening are not halted at just late doors resulting in freezing hands and feet or the change of room, but indeed her set is cut short to make up for the lateness!

She kicks of her set with ‘Truth is a Wolf’, a slow moving swagger of a tune that gets the audience moving with the rhythm. Mollie’s vocals are enticing and melodic; her vocal range is enormous and hits you with so much more force than on her studio albums. Wow! Those vocals coupled with the groove laden rhythm means that I can’t help but feel a little warmer already. The warmth seems to pass through the mic as Mollie Marriott introduces the song ‘King Of Hearts’, as it’s the song that she co-wrote with the amazing Judie Tsuke (if you haven’t heard of her then I implore you to go listen to some of her stuff). Mollie seems both proud and full of adoration and warm affection for the collaboration on this track. The delivery of the vocals are both energetic and vulnerable. Really enjoyed it!

‘Control’ is probably the best track of the evening for me. The beat stomps into gear and Mollie has her hands up in the air, encouraging the audience to clap along as she belts out her awesome vocals. Unlucky for us it’s the last song of the evening and it’s really disappointing that we aren’t being given the full set that I was looking forward to. Never mind! There’s always the next tour to look forward to.


Set List

Truth Is A Wolf


Into Shape

King of Hearts

Tom Petty




For more information on Mollie Marriott check out her Facebook page, here.


Bad Touch arrived on stage after a quick change around and the crowd edged forward in anticipation.  There was never any doubt. Steve Westwood and the guys delivered a powerhouse performance. Some older songs from the last 8 years and some newer stuff kept everyone rocking for almost 90 minutes. It seemed almost surreal when Steve announced that this was the first time Bad Touch had graced the stage in Coventry. Great opening numbers including ‘Take Me Away’, ‘Good On Me’ and ‘Sweet Little Secret’ soon had the crowd buzzing. The massive tunes didn’t stop and with the addition of a truly epic guitar solo from Rob Glendinning the vibe was truly switched on.


The set was in full swing when Steve announced an acoustic number only for the gremlins to strike in the form of dead batteries in the guitar set up. Some bands would panic and fumble around but the guys remained chilled and Steve told everyone that he doesn’t need a mic. Every now and then you get to witness a little piece of truly epic quality and this was it, one acoustic guitar player, one amazing vocal talent and the resulting song sending shivers of delight up the spine. As time was drawing all to quickly to an end, Mollie returned to the stage (a little late which lead to some great banter on stage) to perform ‘Baby Get It On’ which went down really well. Vocally the two styles and tones worked to perfection and the on stage chemistry was clear. Ending the night with ‘99%’ to rapturous applause it was clear that this was a 100% success. Surely there will be a few sore throats amongst the fans and no doubt those attending will mark the dates on the calendar for the next instalment of Bad Touch.


Set List

Take Me Away

Good On Me

Sweet Little Secret

Heartbreaker, Soulshaker

Waiting For This

Wise Water

I Belong


Something Someone

My Mother Told Me

Take your Time


The Mountain

Baby Get It On



For more information on Bad Touch check out their Facebook page, here.





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