Bigfoot - The Underworld, Camden, London 17.02.17

Naomi Jeremiah / David Lydiard


At last! We have seen Bigfoot live! We cannot tell you how long we had waited for this gig to come around, and the wait was totally worth it! 


Taking to the stage at The Underworld after Swiss band Vanadine and prior to headline act SOTO, this five-piece from Wigan delivered an electrically charged, high octane and attention grabbing set! Blending the sounds of hard rock, classic rock and old school metal, Bigfoot has no problems in pulling a crowd and keeping them in the palm of their collective hands. 


Playing tracks from their Stone Soldiers EP which was released in 2016, we were treated to firm favourites such as, title track, ‘Stone Soldiers’, ‘Run’ & ‘Blame It On The Dog’. The audience had no trouble in singing along. Their songs are so hook laden, that even if you don’t know the lyrics, it won’t take you long to pick them up and sing along with everyone else. Bigfoot have an explosive and excitable energy about them. It’s addictive! 


Cheeky, charismatic front man Antony Ellis owns the stage!! He has a powerful set of pipes on him, and his vocal efforts never falter, even when he is bouncing around the stage like a madman. He is so into his performance and is so animated that you can’t help but be fond of him; he truly has an incredible stage presence.  He engages fully with the crowd and evidently loves what he does; he’s both charming and compelling. A fantastic front man, he certainly entertains. 


Tom Aspinall on Drums and Matt Avery on Bass create the most perfect rhythm section. They never allow the energy in the room to drop. With an air of groove, they fully immerse themselves into their music, and are a joy to watch. 


Sam Millar and Mick McCullagh are superb guitarists! They duel on stage, trading sexy licks and the sheer enjoyment upon their faces is plain to see. Enticing one another to bring their ‘A’ game, they showcase their phenomenal skills and play awesome riffs and soaring solos. The incredible guitar work really pulls the whole band together, making for some kick ass rock and roll!


Wecannot recommend highly enough that you go and see Bigfoot live. It is a real throwback to the 70s with extended jams and hair aplenty! But in all seriousness, they are a highly talented band creating melodic rock music that demands to be heard. Incredible set, fantastic gig, happy us!

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