BIGFOOT Album Launch 14.10.17





Tell Me A Lie

Eat Your Words


Prisoner Of War

Top Gun Theme

The Other Side Of Paradise

Free Falling

Forever Alone

Devil In Me


I Dare You




Freak Show

Blame It On The Dog

The Fear


If you don't know who Bigfoot are by now, you need to rectify that immediately. A band riding high on the success of 3 years of extreme dedication and hard work. They are a leading example of how rock bands should be approaching a career. Two successful EP's launched them into extensive gigging across the UK. The 5 piece from Wigan then signed a deal with Frontiers in 2016 which lead them to slow down whilst they prepared their very first album.


They celebrated the release of their debut record to a SOLD OUT Soundcontrol in Manchester. How many bands can sell out venues of that capacity before they even drop an album? Their fan base is unwavering in support of the lads and the love is relayed graciously by the band frequently.


The band were eloquently introduced to the stage by new manager Jeff Scott Soto. A man gushing with praise and brimming with pride that he is now managing them.


Bigfoot take to the stage in a darkened room and launch into recently released single “Tell Me A Lie” which features arguably the greatest rock guitar solo since Blackbird by Alterbridge. The solo is played by the inimitable Mick McCullagh and is a guitar player in a league of his own. The capacity crowd knew every word of the opener and the energy was vibrant from moment one.


Keeping to the new tracks they segway into another new track “Eat Your Words”. The grins are prominent on the stage, and the band are clearly incredibly rehearsed. Tightness like I have never seen.


Lead singer Anthony Ellis then cheekily nods to the audience, “you may know this one”. They let rip on the lead single from their second EP (Stone Soldiers) “Run”. The video on YouTube has since accumulated over 35,000 views and has become a staple in their live sets. Its anthemic chorus had every person in the room screaming “HIDE THE PASSION, HIDE THE LOVE”.


Three songs under their belts and the band momentarily stop to endlessly thank the crowd, a heartfelt thanks from Ant hinted he was somewhat overcome by the momentous occasion.


We slurry through Prisoner of War and a notable giggle fest of the Top Gun Theme which gave Mariah Carey the chance to get some water and straighten his hair or something?


Next up was the song that started it all for them. The first single, from their first EP (Bigfoot), The Other Side of Paradise instantly had the crowd wailing in delight, as like me this was most people's introduction to the band. An exceptional presentation of Ant's voice can be heard throughout the entire song, not to mention the dizzying falsetto harmonies from guitarist Sam Millar.


A touching moment in the set was a fitting tribute to the late Tom Petty. Guitarist, Mick and Sam played the chorus motif in harmony with crowd singing in unison. Class act.


My highlight of the evening (aside from Sam Millar bolloxing up his solo) was ballad “Forever Alone”. The intense epic was born to be heard live, I was sceptical that the large layering of harmonies could be accurately nailed towards the end of the track but boy was I wrong. The song was utter perfection (except from Sam... twat).


Back into the deeper cuts of the brand new record and the crowd quietens as they intently listen to the new tracks. It's a bombardment of firsts and I was left intrigued. “Devil In Me”, shows a darker turn in the sound of Bigfoot whilst Karma harks back to their anthem “Blame It On The Dog” from the “Stone Soldiers” EP. “I Dare You” certainly threw people off guard towards the end, with its eccentric reggae section just thrown in. It's was wonderful to witness live.


The Bigfoot army would not allow any gig to go ahead without “Bitchkiller” in the set. The band's fan favourite was placed perfectly in the set and sent the room into overload.


Then into the stomping groove machine of “Uninvited”, one of the catchiest cuts from the record is a real gem in the mammoth 100 minute + set.


The final song of the set which is “Yours” is just utterly immense in scope. No other song would have worked better at the end of this set. One of the most chilling guitar solos made more haunting by the greatest vibrato in the world from Sam Millar. A sublime track that is enormous live and the band yet again showcases its flawless vocal work as a unit. A delay pedal is left running through the amp to create an ambience of a band just departed. The lights darken and we know there is more.


After relentless cheering from the crowd, the band meekly re join the stage and Ant profusely and earnestly thanks the crowd once again for what looks like a career defining moment for them.


They quickly dance into the shuffling rhythms of “Freak Show”, a hard rock number fluttered with enough energy to re-capture the crowd for the final songs.


The two EP's released prior to their album seem to have defined their live shows. The crowd love the songs and already seem to attach a brooding nostalgia to them. The last track is the sultry riff fest of “Blame It On The Dog” which the band often jams in the middle and indulges in some expertly clichéd crowd participation, to which the crowd willingly oblige.


The final song was the lead single from the album. “The Fear”, lyrically sentimental and succinctly summed up the feeling of the room. “It's a fight to survive but I am here”. Bigfoot are here, and by god what a debut record to start your career with.


To see this band live, is to see them in their natural home. They are true performers and it's like witnessing a band who has toured for 20 years.


Gene. ROCK IS ALIVE, and it's in the hands of Bigfoot. You twat...

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