BIGFOOT / LOWDRIVE - Corporation, Sheffield 14.10.18


The rain has finally cleared and I'm getting to see some of my faves tonight. I'm happy as Larry (whoever he is) as I enter Corp in Sheffield, where BIGFOOT are playing with local band LOWDRIVE as support. The venue has 2 rooms and an adjoining venue, 'Local Authority', and about 15 different doors (I may be exaggerating slightly...) so it's always best to find out which room you're in just in case you join the wrong bloody queue. Tonight we're in the small room which has a high stage (shoulder level for me at 5'2"). Lighting is hit and miss in this room sometimes but the sound is usually great.


LOWDRIVE are mere toddlers in the industry, formed in 2016, but the members are all seasoned pros from other great local bands; Warrior Soul, Goat Leaf, Indra and Flip The Pyramid. I've seen them before so I know they put on a good show and I'm looking forward to hearing stuff from the album, 'Roller'. The set starts with 'When Darkness Falls', a grimy raw stoner rock track. It's intense and fierce with angry vocals, lush guitar and a powerful rhythm, but just when I begin to think it might be all light and no shade, they mix it up. 'Saviour' has a much gentler verse which better demonstrates Sawf’s real vocal prowess, still with a kick-ass chorus, this is a great track! 'Roller' is another stand out for me, a pounding beat and dirty riffs. There isn't much chat between songs so the set isn't seamless but the music is awesome. Definitely a  band to check out.


Lowdrive are:

SAWF - Vocals

JOHN - Guitar


MAT - Drums


Check them out at


It's no secret that I love BIGFOOT, their sound obvs, but also their energy, personality and humour. I own CDs, t-shirts, a hoody - you name it; Sam Millar is a demon on that merch stand, nobody escapes. The room is busy but not rammed. I'm stupidly wearing a hat and my head is sweating like a builder's arse. As the band take to the stage, the welcome is maybe a little more reserved than usual, probably due to the presence of new singer, Sean Seabrook, who takes over after Ant Ellis resigned earlier this year. Maybe, like me, they wondered if everything would be different, alien. They are big shoes to fill but OMFG Sean is awesome.


The old favourites from the EPs and the album tracks all sound authentic BIGFOOT, still the same raw, high octane sound with stylish dual guitar attack, rumbling bass and thunderous drum beats, but Sean brings a little something different and, actually, really quite great to the band. Small things like a new spin on a particular line, and still mad f*** with a mic stand! But the beloved songs haven't changed. Everything is right with the world.


The set is a blend of old and new, my particular favourite 'Run' is in there (yes!), and of course 'Blame It On The Dog', as well as tracks from their debut album, including 'The Fear', 'I Dare You' and 'Freak Show'. The band are on fire tonight, clearly enjoying themselves, and putting on one of the best BIGFOOT shows I've seen. The vocals are powerful and clear, the guy has some lungs on him! and the much softer 'Forever Alone' shows just how good his vocal is, and what a great match they've made. Whilst certainly not a carbon copy he gives us that familiar BIGFOOT sound and energy.


As usual, there is a lot of banter between the band and the audience, but don’t underestimate these guys;  I want people to respect that this is a group with talent and drive, in it for the love of the music and damn good at what they do. Tom is mesmerising on drums, feet and arms a whirlwind of activity, massive grin on his face. Matt is a soulful and humble bass player who delivers that funky beat that gets you dancing and urges the rhythm along. Sam and Mick on guitar, well they compliment each other perfectly, whether performing beautifully together in creating searing melodies, or in their guitar stand-off "McMillar Time" - don’t let those Hello Kitty guitars fool you, these lads tear out ballsy riffs many could only dream of.


The audience is loving it, rallied by the band to interact and chant, as Sean headbangs his way all over the stage, on top of the speakers and even on the floor with us commoners. There is plenty to entertain fans old and new, as the show ebbs and flows, smouldering or down right aflame, through some amazingly catchy and memorable music to a huge finale with 'Uninvited'. There's emotion, sex and even shit ('Blame It On The Dog'). This remains a very promising band and ‘I Dare You’ to go see them while you can still afford it. Whether you're a foot-stomper, headbanger or hip grinder, I guarantee you won't be able to stand still.


Bigfoot are:

Sean Seabrook - Vocals

Sam Millar - Guitar

Mick McCullagh - Guitar

Matt Avery - Bass

Tom Aspinall - Drums



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