BIGFOOT / THOSE DAMN CROWS / THEIA / FLORENCE BLACK - Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff 03.11.17



Fuel Rock Club is a small venue in Cardiff, but is at the heart of the city’s rock scene. Four bands on the bill means an early start - the first band were due on at 7pm. The front bar was already packed before the early doors and everyone was excited about what the night had in store.


Florence Black were the first band on the amazing bill. On a very cramped stage Tristan, Fozzy and Perry churned out their usual high energy, riff driven rock. The crowd were already pumped and for the short 20 min set, which seemed to fly by, and we could see that the band were loving their time on stage. Unfortunately time got away from them as they were about to start their new single ‘Gunshot’ and they were told that was it, much to the obvious disappointment of both the band and the crowd.


Set List:






Florence Black Are:

Tristan (Vocals/Guitar)

Fozzy (Bass)

Perry (Drums)


Check them out at:




Gunshot Video can be found here.




The second band on the bill was one that we’ve heard good things about but have never seen live. THEIA is a three piece band hailing from Burton-Upon-Trent and they strike up with tracks from their latest album ‘Back In Line’. They have huge sound but sadly the vocals were a bit lost in the mix, but that’s likely to be a venue issue. Their riff driven and catchy songs entertained the Cardiff crowd driven on by the thumping rhythm section.


Taking time to thank Florence Black and looking forward to Those Damn Crows and Bigfoot, Kyle Lamley (Vocals/Guitar) points out that this is their first visit to South Wales. During their penultimate track, Kyle goes walk about and works his way to the back of the room to talk to the crowd. Introducing the band members Paul & Jake to the delighted crowd, all three appeared to be loving the show. Rounding it off with ‘Whoop-De-F***ing-Doo’ they managed to get the crowd singing back the song to them.


Set List:

Just Go

Paper The House

Signed Sealed Cemented


Some Days

Ride On



THEIA are:

Kyle Lamley (Vocals/Guitar)

Paul Edwards (Bass/Vocals)

Jake Dalton (Drums)


Check them out at:





Thinking the previous three piece bands had a cramped stage the 5 piece from Bridgend, ‘Those Damn Crows’ took to the stage that they have played on several times before. The crowd, at capacity, was full of Crows fans who were going mad for them from the start - with one guy even attempting to crowd surf from the stage - this set the tone of how the Crow’s set was going to develop. The crowd loved every second and were singing back every word of every song. Shane and Co. were feeding off the energy from the crowd and stepped it up a gear - even though it seemed they were already giving it everything. Shane jokingly commented about the crowd surfer who was back saying its a typical night in Cardiff. 


From the very start of ‘Rock’n’Roll Ain’t Dead’ the crowd took over vocal duties with this rapidly becoming the bands anthem. Fuel was now bouncing. As the band went on to play ‘Blink of an Eye’, before Shane could start the lyrics the crowd has already started singing. The band looked at each other. Obviously not expecting this, and looked absolutely touched by it. Shane acknowledged Shiner & Dave’s excellent guitar work, Ronnie’s powerful work behind the drums and Lloyd taking time for a short bass breakdown. The crowd acknowledged this excellent band. Once again these guys demonstrated that they know how to entertain an audience.


Set List:

Don’t Give A Damn

The Fighter

Someone Someday

I’ll Be Coming Home

Going Down

Rock’N’Roll Ain’t Dead

Fear of the Broken

Blink of An Eye


One Of These Nights


Those Damn Crows are:

Shane Greenhall - Vocals

Ian 'Shiner' Thomas - Guitar

Ronnie Huxford - Drums

Lloyd Wood - Bass

David Winchurch - Guitar


Check them out at:





Tonight’s Headliners Bigfoot take the stage with a little more room now that the additional drum kit and back line were removed, although it still looked as though a little more space would have been welcomed. Having seen Bigfoot before we knew what to expect - exceptional high energy rock. They have just launched their new album ‘Bigfoot’ these guys are on a roll. From the opening drums and guitars and Antony Ellis’s powerful and emotive vocals on ‘Tell Me a Lie' we felt we had a future arena filling band on a small stage.


With Fuel bouncing along to each track in the set it was clear that both the band and crowd were enjoying every moment of the set. Antony Ellis wasn’t able to be as active around the stage because of the size but still managed to enchant the crowd that were in the palm of his hand. Playing a mix of tracks of their previously self released EPs ‘Bigfoot’ and ‘Stone Soldiers’ these magnificent musicians managed to raise the crowd up another notch almost raising the roof of off the place even having some fun with the ‘Top Gun’ soundtrack.


The quality of Sam Millar and Mick McCullagh’s guitar work, the thunderous drums of Tom Aspinall and the driving bass of Matt Avery, including the bass solo in ‘Blame It on The Dog’. With Antony Ellis on Vocals this band has a timeless classic rock sound and feel, infused with a modern twist and they really are outstanding songwriters.


No pretence of an encore they just hammered on through their set to the sheer delight of the capacity crowd and from the looks on the bands faces they’d had a great night too. Just before their final track they said they’d be hanging aground to chat to anyone who wanted to chat. Finishing off with ‘The Fear’ a personal favourite track of mine which just shows the potential of what these guys will do in the future.


Speaking to the guys after the show they are loving every single moment on tour and 2018 is going to be exciting times for Bigfoot.


Set List:

Tell Me a Lie

Eat Your Words


Prisoner of War

Top Gun

The Other Side of Paradise

Forever Alone

The Devil in Me


Freak Show

I Dare You

Bitch Killer


Blame it on the Dog

The Fear


Bigfoot are:

Antony Ellis - Vocals

Sam Millar - Guitars

Mick McCullagh - Guitar

Matt Avery - Bass

Tom Aspinall - Drums


Check them out at:







I urge you to check out the four bands on show here tonight as they’re all brilliant. Fuel once again pulls four bands that could grace any rock festival lineup. The two local bands are a small part of the South Wales rock scene which is going from strength to strength. Fuel may be a small venue but it manages to create an atmosphere that is up there with the best, friendly staff and a well stocked bar, even the mighty Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) has drawn (and drunk) a couple of pints behind the bar.





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