BLACK KING COBRA / DOOTCHI / VEMODALEN / SAUZA KINGS - King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow - 03.08.18



King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut or just simply KING TUT’S has been an iconic venue in the city for decades and has hosted many new and emerging bands at the start of their careers including the likes of Oasis, Radiohead and The Killers to name a few.


Tonight is no different as it plays host to a band who are really becoming known for their electric live performances, Black King Cobra. Formed in 2016, this is their first showcase gig since the departure of their previous bass player and drummer. They have lined up an amazing array of upcoming support acts in The Sauza Kings, Vemodalen & Dootchi.


First up is Fife based SAUZA KINGS who take to the stage shortly after the doors have opened and vocalist Mark Burdett seems genuinely excited to be playing King Tut’s, and thanks Black King Cobra vocalist Callum Moran for inviting them to play alongside them.

Launching into opening song ‘Remedy’ to the sparse early crowd, they soon establish themselves as a band worthy of playing this venue. ‘One In The Same’ follows with a thumping bass beat and the once thin crowd has now filled at the sound coming from the stage and are clearly loving every note.


The band are setting a high tempo and this continues into ‘Dos Vedanya’ a track from their newest album release from 2017 called Suo Loco which leads into ‘Like A Dog’. This track nicely slows down the intensity until the end of the track where it erupts into life with some soulful and meaningful guitar work from Mark Burdett, which receives rapturous applause from the crowd at its conclusion.


Sauza Kings are as tight a unit as you will see. Marks unique vocals and his use of the megaphone on several tracks add to their uniqueness and “The Sauza Kings” experience. The short set concludes with ‘Avangeline’ followed by ‘Stone Machine’ which leaves the crowd wanting more but unfortunately deprives us of the brilliant ‘Satellite’.


Having previously seen the band live at The Wildfire 2018 showcase I was surprised to see them up first but it appears it had something to do with King Tuts promotion setup. The band clearly brought a healthy crowd with them and this is one band to watch. Miss them at your peril, I certainly won’t.


Sauza Kings are:
Mark Burdett - Guitarist /Vocalist/ Megaphone

Alex (Eck) Burrell - Bass/Backing Vocals

Steve Calvert - Guitar

Rob McInnes - Drums

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Formed in Dunoon in 2016, VEMODALEN explode onto the stage with opening track ‘Rough Whiskers’ to the extreme pleasure of the large crowd, and it appears a lot of the crowd have travelled from the bands home town of Dunoon to support them.


The opening song is followed by ‘Blue’ and vocalist/bassist Ewan MacDonald, is obviously enjoying the King Tut’s experience and playing the venue for the first time. The band to my ear seem very influenced by Biffy Clyro and they follow on with their most recent single ‘I Am The One’. MacDonald together with guitarist Michael McArthur and drummer David Weir have been in bands most of their lives, belying their young age and their camaraderie is clearly displayed as the crowd can feel their enthusiasm as they launch into ‘The Dry Room’.


Ewan interacts well with the Glasgow crowd and lets it be known a lot of fans are missing The Proclaimers who happen to be playing their home town that night. ‘Waste Of Blood’ has an absolutely thumping bassline and makes this the standout song of the night for the crowd.


Guitarist Michael McArthur’s obvious talent opens the track ‘Hangman’ and this is followed by ‘Streams’ which brings the set towards it’s close with the song ‘John Mountain’, this song has an extremely unique opening and much more gentler vocals by MacDonald than some of the other tracks and his voice really shines. At it’s conclusion the crowd give them the applause that they deserved.


The band say they strive for and share a common goal to approach their music with the knowledge behind them & combine their respective influences to try and achieve an engaging sound where no two songs are the same and often cross genres.


All I can say lads, is keep doing it your way, it’s working a treat..


Vemodalen are:

Ewan MacDOnald - Bass/Vocals

Michael MacArthur - Guitar/Backing Vocals

David Weir - Drums

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DOOTCHI hail from the town of Biggar in the South of Scotland. They describe themselves as playing a mixture of soft melodic songs with hard hitting and heavier songs. Comprising of vocalist James Boyd, Dylan Connolly on guitar, and a backline of Andrew Blacklaw on bass and Laurie Smith on drums, the band have played in Glasgow and Edinburgh at some of these cities most iconic venues. The band formed at High School in 2014 and burst onto the scene in 2017 when by their own words, “Started to take it seriously”.


They take to the stage with the track ‘Time’ which has a gentle guitar opening and soft melodic vocals from James Boyd. This is followed by ‘Own Ordinary’, which is greeted with an enthusiastic crowd response and leads into ‘Fishwife’ and ‘Cherry Eyes’. Both these tracks are unique and live up to the bands own description of their style.


The track ‘Waterfalls’ and the set closer ‘Take You Through’, the latter opening with some synthesizer which is quickly drowned out by interrupting crashing guitars, is a crowd favourite judging by the applause it gets and smiling faces from the enthusiastic crowd. They exit the stage to generous applause from the Glasgow crowd.


Dootchi are:

James Boyd - Vocals

Dylan Connolly - Guitar

Andrew Blacklaw - Bass

Laurie Smith - Drums

Find out more at:


Billed as the BLACK KING COBRA EP Release, this was one gig I have been eagerly looking forward to since it was announced. Having seen the band several times before I knew what to expect but my goodness was this a spectacle!


Guitarist Ross Clark, along with new recruits Stephen Buggy on drums and Robert Kennedy on bass, take to the stage and start the intro to ‘Blood Rush’, however in their eagerness and excitement to get going, they haven’t noticed the sound man is on stage with them and not at his desk. This cued friendly laughter all round from the now “Packed to the Gunnells” crowd in King Tut’s.


Sound Man at his desk and off we go. Black King Cobra formed in 2016 in Glasgow and recently had 2 personnel changes replacing bassist Johnny Keel and drummer Steven Todd.


‘Blood Rush’ starts the set tonight and as frontman, Callum Moran takes to the stage to massive applause and he is genuinely taken aback and humbled at the love, support and massive applause being shown to him and his bandmates.


He thanks everyone from the bottom of his heart and we’re off. The crowd know every lyric to this song and sing along. Second up is new song ‘Bad Man’ and then ‘Shiver’, the first single from new EP Law Of Attraction. Moran’s voice has a warmth and intensity to it and the crowd appreciate this and sing back to him. ‘Rusted’ and then ‘Ball & Chain’ from the new EP are given an airing to the approval of the crowd.


The intimate setting of King Tut’s is alluring and adds to the intensity of the night and my only gripe of the whole night is the pink and blue lighting which is fixed and never changes, giving off a strange aura of colour.


Ross Clark is a guitarist others will take note of, he is a craftsman with his instrument and when you add this to his exuberance and sense of fun, he provides quite a spectacle to watch. New guys Stephen Buggy and Robert Kennedy have fitted in seamlessly ensuring this band are going to be massive and I’ll be able to look back and say, “I told you so”.


‘Undesirable’ is well received and then crowd favourite ‘Wrack & Ruin’ has the crowd belting it out at the top of their voices. Their set closes with ‘Harvest Moon’ and ‘Quake’, both new songs from the EP, and highlights the song writing ability within this band.


The crowd plead for more but drummer Stephen Buggy takes the mic and confesses he’s only had half a dozen rehearsals and only knows the set, refreshing honesty indeed. This being a first live gig for the four piece after their recent personnel changes and only having had six rehearsals, well,  the future appears limitless for them.


What a night! With the new EP released and future gigs lined up 2018 is looking good for this band. Bring on another soon please.


Black King Cobra are:

Callum Moran - Vocals

Ross Clark - Guitar

Robert Kennedy - Bass

Stephen Buggy - Drums

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