BULLETS AND OCTANE - The Underworld, London 15.02.18



Bringing their own intoxicating, hell making brand of LA Sleaze and Punk to The Underworld, Bullets And Octane do not disappoint. The lights go down and the band tear into recent single ‘Bad Motherfucker’ which sets the tone for the rest of their set. Like a mix of The Dead Kennedys and Hard Rockers like Buckcherry, they hit all the right notes tonight.


“Thank you so much for having us back in your house,” Frontman Gene Louis says to the full house, “This is a song about the place we come from called Los Angeles”. The band jump into the the punk rock hop of ‘Cancer California’.

“Remember that time you used to jump around and love each other? It's back bitches!”. As guitarist Felipe Rodrigo jumps into the crowd to do another walk-about the band invite two young ladies from the front row up as backing dancers! “That's why you guys love a Bullets and Octane show,” Frontman Gene Louis declares, “You never know what's going to happen!”.

The band’s energy is just brilliant throughout, bringing the vibes of the sweatiest of LA Club shows to London in winter. Speaking of sweat after just four songs Frontman Gene Louis is drenched - “This song is called ‘Caving in’, have you heard of it?” he demands from the crowd - “Well that makes one of us!”. The sing-along and mosh which goes up with ‘Pirates’ is a real highlight in a hugely enjoyable set.


Coming back for a riotous run through of Billy Idol’s ‘Rebel Yell’ as an encore, Bullets And Octane end their lean set with a bang and leave a room full of hugely happy and exhausted rockers looking forwards to the next time this band blows into town.



Bad Motherfucker

Burning at Both Wicks

Sweat Dreams

Cancer California

Caving In

Fuck You Song

Song For The Underdog

My Disease

Waking Up Dead


Bad Things To Bad People

Going Blind


Encore Track:

Rebel Yell


Bullets And Octane are:

Gene Louis - Vocals

Felipe Rodrigo - Guitar

Jonny Udell - Drums

Zach Kibbee - Bass Guitar


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