BUSH with Special Guests RAVENEYE - Bristol O2 Academy 25.09.17

Charley Farley (Photo Credits: Morag Farley Photography)


As we arrived at the venue, we could hear the sound checking on the other side of the wall. We are familiar with Raveneye’s sound and knew that we were in for a good support band. Chatting to some others in the queue, it was apparent that they were as familiar with Raveneye as we were with Bush - the headline act.


As the doors were slightly late opening (it's an O2…do they ever open on time?) Raveneye were a few minutes late on stage. The three-piece, based in Milton Keynes have such a fantastic onstage presence with interaction and a clear enjoyment of what they are doing. Oli’s screaming solos and Adams thunderous drumming warmed the audience up brilliantly. As a support act, they started off playing to an audience who were there for the headliners, and were slow to engage. By the time they had finished they mega 45 minute set, they had well and truly won the crowd over and gained many new fans. They have a high energy set which some people describe as ‘madcap’. It’s certainly unusual. Which other bands have a lead singer that will stand on the kick drum for a couple of tracks? Which drummers start a sing-along? Which bass players carry their lead singer on their shoulders while they both continue to play? It is unusual for a support act to have such a long set and they deserved every second of it. They are a brilliant band to see live. We are really looking forward to seeing them in the Friday opening slot at Planet Rock’s Rockstock in December, and pretty much any other time they are in the area!


Raveneye are:


Oli Brown - Lead Vocal, Guitar

Aaron Spiers - Bass, Vocals

Adam Breeze - Drums


They performed:


Get it Started

Come with Me

Nobodies Soul


Breaking Out


Hey Hey Yeah

You Got It


Website  http://www.raveneyeofficial.com

Facebook  http://www.facebook.com/ItsRavenEye

Twitter https://twitter.com/ItsRavenEye

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFJ1mW0qLQS-iHjifaIioRQ

Instagram http://instagram.com/itsraveneye



It was a complete contrast when Bush took to the stage, giving the impression that they were ‘going through the motions’. They have been around since 1992 and the days when their genre of alt/ grunge rock was at its zenith. They have put in a lot of work since then, and have made a big name for themselves over the years. With a large back catalogue to play to their appreciative audience they did a great job of entertaining them with their music which has strains of Nirvana and early Coldplay running through it. After three or four songs, they warmed up a bit and the lead singer, Gavin Rossdale, certainly had a few female fans in the audience who guarded their barrier space enthusiastically. They were rewarded when he stepped off the stage to the barrier, giving the security guards an anxious moment.  When they played ‘Swallowed’, the whole crowd were singing it back to them.  During the last song of the main set (‘Little Things’) Gavin stepped off stage and into the crowd who went wild. With such a finale, there was an expectation of an encore as the usual deafening chants cited out for more. They were rewarded with a four song encore, including ‘Machinehead’ before leaving the fans wanting more.


Bush are:


Gavin Rossdale

Chris Trainer - Guitar

Corey Britz - Bass

Robin Goodridge - Drums



They Performed:


Everything Zen



The Chemicals Between Us

Prize Fighter

Greedy Fly

The Sound of Winter

This is War

Let Yourself Go

The people that we love



The Gift

Little Things


Machine head

The One I Love




Website http://bushofficial.com/

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/BushOfficial

Twitter http://twitter.com/bushofficial

YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/BushOfficial

Instagram http://instagram.com/bushofficialinstagram




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