CATS IN SPACE / KAATO - Rock City Basement, Nottingham 15.09.17

Lindsay Smith-Boam


Nottingham’s Rock City is an iconic venue and the Basement was the perfect setting for an intimate evening with the Cats.


The queue had formed in an orderly manner and there was an air of frivolity and expectation buzzing around.  The doors opened a little over an hour after the advertised time and the expectant crowd gathered in the room, cold but seemingly happy.


First thought was how the hell are 6 seasoned performers going to fit on a stage the size of a bread board? 

KAATO opened proceedings and I’m pleased to say the 5 guys did just about fit on the stage although a little tucked behind each other due to the additional kit that was on stage for the Cats.


They sounded great and the crowd were very hospitable singing along at the appropriate places and enjoying a strong albeit short set.  Hair flicks and pouts a plenty and some fine musicianship and vocals helped to build the atmosphere in the room. 


A quick turnaround from a very efficient crew and on came Cats In Space to rapturous applause and their usual ‘Sweeny’ theme tune.  Their hugely successful support of Thunder and appearance at Hyde Park with Blondie and Phil Collins seems to have thrown the pop rock band into the popular spotlight right now and deservedly so.  They are pretty unique in today’s market with their particular blend of music which has a modern feel but echoes of 70’s glam. Following on from the first album, Too Many Gods, the band’s new album ‘Scarecrow’ has been critically well received and a huge hit with their ever-growing fan-base.


Opening with ‘Too Many Gods’ and romping through ‘Mad Hatters Tea Party’, ‘Last Man Standing’, ‘Unfinished Symphony’, ‘September Rain’, ‘Scars’, ‘Timebomb’, ‘Scarecrow’, ‘Mr Heartache’, ‘How Does It Feel’, the wonderful ‘Broken Wing’, ‘Greatest Story Never Told’ and ending with ‘Five Minute Celebrity’, the evening flew by.


Looking round the room at the faces of those there, the look of delight was evident.  The crowd singing along with every song must have made the band smile.  The band are tight and comfortable with each other.  Paul’s vocal is strong and clear and Jeff’s additional lead vocals are always spot on. Greg and Dean share the duties of lead and rhythm guitar and blend superbly.  Steevi’s sound drumming keeps things thudding along together with Jeff’s pulsing bass.  Andy’s keys enhance and take every track to another level adding in those extras which give such a rounded, full sound that is a real treat for the eardrums.  The atmosphere was friendly and fun and the enjoyment of the band in performing live was infectious.  It seemed effortless to all those present.


I must apologise to Andy (keyboards) who was so tucked away in a dark corner at the side of the stage I couldn’t get a decent photo of him but his contribution to a wonderful night is noted.


After the final song, the band came out and mingled with the fans, taking their time to talk to all and delivering sweaty but genuine hugs and thanks to those present.  A nicer bunch of guys would be hard to find.


Thank you Cats in Space! One of my top gigs this year…!!!



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