Cambridge Rock Festival - BAD TOUCH - Sunday 6th August

Tom Blackburne-Maze


I have been wanting to see Bad Touch for a long time so I was delighted they were asked to play the main stage at Cambridge Rock Festival on Sunday 6th August. 


The boys have had a busy year touring with a great up and coming band, Broken Witt Rebels, and then another brilliant group King King. Recently they have been playing a series of summer festivals including Ramblin’ Man, Amplified and the previous night played Helsfest in Warrington (Check out our review of them at Helsfest HERE). So this was a good stop over for the lads on their way back home to Norfolk; almost a home gig for them.


They opened with a couple of tracks from their latest album, "Truth Be Told" and then blended a combination of tracks from that and their first album. Their full set list included; "My Mother Told Me", "Heartbreaker Soulshaker", "Waste My Time", "Under My Skin", "Wise Water", "Waiting For This", "Sweet Little Secret", "Words I Never Said", "Outlaw", "Take Your Time", "99%" "Whole Lotta Love" and "The Mountain". 


Whilst they started off slowly, probably due to the amount of traveling they had just done, they warmed up and their set got better and better. They are a hugely talented band fronted by the extremely charismatic Stevie Westwood with his "wing commander" twirly moustache. They can mix it up brilliantly playing great riffs in hard rock tracks, bluesy numbers, popular rock and calm melodic tracks. Stevie has the talented ability to vary his vocal tones throughout at ease, one moment powerfully singing high and low vocals and the next almost whispering the words. This means you are taken on the journey with them through a well put together set. They finished with the enormously popular track which has had recent Planet Rock playlist exposure, "99%", which had all the fans singing along with them. But the highlight for me was their rendition of the Led Zeppelin classic "Whole Lotta Love" which contained all the power of the original plus little bits they had added themselves. An awesome track which I presume was one of the originals they started playing when they formed in 2010. It was a great set and I look forward to seeing them again.


The Cambridge Rock Festival was a great medium sized Festival held over the four days 3-6 August. It had a new venue this year after it was rescued by a local landowner who allowed it to take place on his land. There were three stages in all; a main stage predominantly playing more prog based music, a blues stage and an acoustic one. All three stages were in large marquees so if the weather did turn bad the sets would be fully covered. Thankfully this wasn't needed which meant Festival goers could either stand up and watch their favourites in the marquees or sit down on any chairs they had brought themselves from their tents just outside. It's a great Festival with over 80 local, national and international bands. Bands over the weekend included Atomic Rooster, FM, Eddie and the Hotrods, Magenta and the Tygers of Pan Tang. Fans completely varied in age to reflect the huge diversity in bands playing and for me is one of the most friendly, peaceful, laid back Festivals you can go to. If you like to hang back by the bar and watch the bands or go ‘Down The Front’, there is absolutely no problem. I have been fortunate to attend the last two festivals and I'm hooked and will definitely be back next year. A great festival for you to keep your eyes on. 






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