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(Photo Credits: Volcanic Rock Photography)


On the opening night of the 2017 Cambridge Rock Festival I was treated to something awesome. The headliners had to unfortunately pull out at the last moment and lucky for everybody Voodoo Blood agreed to fill the slot at short notice. It was a bit of a coup for the festival as the band are performing at Bloodstock next weekend and hopefully a good warm up for the band themselves. 


Voodoo Blood are a young four-piece rock band from Manchester. The band are fronted by the voodoo woman herself, Kim Jennett on vocals. Sean Owens plays guitar, Chris Norris is on bass and Will Lewis the drums. Kim usually supports on guitar but wasn’t able to tonight, however the sound was good and we were treated to more of her tantalising moves which were just as good, if not better. 


I hadn't picked up or listened to them until a couple of hours before their slot which was totally my loss. I downloaded their latest EP, Anabolic Blues, and watched a couple of videos and became very excited in seeing them later.


They opened with the "Blues intro" and "I'm a God intro" instrumentals which tempted the audience into what was to follow. Then Kim hit the stage and they began with "Groove Medicine" and one of the excellent tracks off the EP "Jet Black". Their songs are full of enormous loud guitar riffs with huge vocals. Added to that we have the highly infectious visible talents of Kim herself. She traits herself as the voodoo woman and performs in her image. It's black leather and black make-up all round that remind me of a Goth festival in Whitby, the only thing that is missing is Dracula himself and a hearse. But the band isn't just about all about how Kim looks. Yes, she dances and performs passionately, which might not be to everyone's taste, but she also has a wonderfully powerful voice and the strong musical talents of the rest of the band mean they are a really excellent band playing great rock. The guitar riffs are great, the solos well balanced, good hard-hitting drums and powerful deep bass throughout. 


They followed up with the two tracks "Dirt" and "I Go To Bed" with Kim regularly leaving the stage to perform in the photographers pit and on the barrier to the fans delight. 


Next we were treated to the band's own version of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song". Not an easy track to pull off, but it was the highlight for me and just shows how talented the whole group is. A new song with no name yet followed by "Mean" and "mO cock" showed us that the band can perform to a variety of different styles and paces. They then played two more tracks off the EP, "Bleed" and "Taste Your Love" which I love, seeing them live was even better, before finishing off with "Slow Blues". 


Although they certainly weren't to the taste of most of the prog rockers at the festival, they certainly attracted many new fans who might not have thought they liked this hard-hitting loud rock before. 


If you like Rival Sons and haven't listened or seen Voodoo Blood yet, you might find, like me, that you have become a new fan. I certainly have and was so impressed I bought the T-Shirt to prove it. I'm already looking forward to seeing them again and hearing new music in the future. It was an absolute joy to watch them perform and to photograph Kim and the boys was a privilege. They fully deserved their headline slot and will certainly have added more fans, myself included. 



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