DEADLY INSCRIPTION - Audio, Glasgow 21.07.17

Lynn Carberry


The night begins at a prompt 7.20pm with a massive three bands supporting Deadly Inscription on the first night of their tour. First up, Bearers Of The Divide. You’d be forgiven for thinking the night would begin fairly tamely and gradually progress into floor-crumbling riffs. This, however, was not the case. Bearers Of The Divide brought meaty breakdowns, a mix of clean vocals and menacing snarls and the singer looked like he was psyching himself up for the fight of his life all the way through their set. Bearers Of The Divide’s sound can be best summed up as a perfect festival band. You know, one of those ones you go and see at one o’clock in the day and ok, you don’t quite know who they are, but boy do you like them. A strong start to the evenings proceedings, although it must have been warm as hell playing in those hoodies.


Next, Dominicide. Blast beats, pig squeals and screams – and this was all in the first minute of their set. They managed to pull the crowd forward with their mix of hardcore vocals and Synster Gates-esque guitar solos. Their namesake track, Dominicide, was the highlight of the set and catchiest song yet, with squealing guitars from the outset and just a little tinge of battle metal and a searcher vibe if you listened hard enough.  At points in their set, you can hear the clear references to Slayer, with machine-gun breakdowns and the band worshiping at the altar of their guitarist Fingers McGhee. (Also known as Craig Law).

Is Celtic trash a thing? If not, it should be, and these guys are the pioneers and they’re absolutely killing it. Dominicide are truly doing their own thing - genre hopping from trash to doom with a little bit of wailing 80s guitar all in one song.


The young crowd of the night, seemed to have pulled forward for Dominicide and as a result, at the end of their set, the room somewhat empties for the beginning of Rare Breed’s set. This didn’t stop their own loyal following staying front and centre and the crowd gradually filtered back in throughout their set. Their gothic front man, David Armour, had charisma and presence throughout the set, and even had a little hint of early Marilyn Manson in his vocals. Goth, however, these guys are not. If 'Music To Circle Pit To' was a CD, these guys would be on it. Set highlights included fan favourite This Is The sickness and the crowd signing Happy Birthday to bassist Connor.


After a large changeover and time ticking on till around the 9.45pm mark (bearing in mind, bands usually only play till around 10pm in this venue) a fairy-tale-like into begins and the lights are finally killed. To call this light and delicate entrance misleading would be an understatement and completely contrasts the wall of noise that then erupted from the stage. Well played, boys.


With such a strong line-up all night, one does wonder how they are going to top it. Yet, within the first song you realise instantly why these guys are the headliners. Already operating a professional level, their singer Stuart, remains a constant force at the front of the stage, conducting and commanding the audience throughout. The band are glistening with sweat from their first song (Subservient)onwards yet somehow manage to never take their foot off the gas. Only a few songs in, and the first circle pit begins. With furious freight train riffs and pummelling drum and bass it’s easy to see why.


Even in the midst of their set, not that the guys take it down a notch at any point, they focus on keeping the energy up. Audio, a small sweatbox venue at the best of times, is alive as if the room has been rigged up and the walls are dripping with sweat for such for a fairly small gathering. 


Righteous Defilement sounds like BFMV on steroids, wherein even the singer puts his mic down in order to bang his head along. Like the true Scots they are, they take advantage of the well-known “Here we, here we, here we fucking go” chant, usually changed at every gig you go to in Glasgow – from pop to punk, and actually instigate it themselves with the crowd. Like Ollie Sykes with a See You Jimmy hat and a bottle of Buckfast in his back pocket. You can’t help but wonder when watching the Paisley boys in action that if Biffy had stayed on the metal pathway and hadn’t polished themselves up for commercial interest, this is possibly what we would have ended up with.


When the audience, understandably, begin to lag in energy having headbanged their way through every song in this ferocious set, the band hit out with “Excuses are for pussies” and tell them to get it done before blasting into a rendition of Pray This World To Ignite. The vocalist, transitions seamlessly between clean vocals and growls, at points almost a ventriloquist, seemingly doing both at once.


One main refreshing aspect to this band is that there's no faux American stage accents, which can so often happen with bands of this genre when addressing the audience between songs. In fact, there's no faux anything with these guys. The band were so tight that at one point the song ended and the audience were still going mid-headbang.


The tour was named the Cemetery Wind tour, and the band explain exactly why. This is their new track, which sounds like a mix between Wednesday 13, Ministry and a secret ingredient all of their own. With the video dropping on Friday and in their words “One of the best songs we’ve ever written” they laid down the gauntlet to Glasgow with this one - fair and square.  They'll be back in Sept and you better know the words. God help you if you don't. During the breakdown, the singer even gets into the audience to induce head banging during the breakdown. As we say round these parts, he’s not afraid to get in amongst it!


They close the set with The Mist Descends and keep the strobe lighting on constant throughout. One last headbang to rule them all, ordering the audience to link up to support those necks from snapping. At least we think that's how he biology of it works. In one word- Relentless. These guys should be fuelled by it. Although it seems they run on raw adrenaline and Tennents mainly. Potential? Well, that doesn't really cut it as that would suggest they're not currently using it. One to watch? Definitely. 


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