DEMENTIA AWARE FEST - WALES 2018 -   The Dolls House, Abertillery 30-31/03 & 01/04








This was the first day of the three day event here in South Wales, with other events being held around the country in the next few weeks to raise awareness and funds to combat this terrible illness.


The first band of the day were LAZARUS MOON, a local three piece outfit who, despite playing to a  scarce early crowd churned out an entertaining set, mixing up tracks from their previous releases and some new material due for release in April.


Lazarus Moon are:

Spike - Bass/Backing Vocals

Dan - Drums

Matt - Vocals/Guitars


Next up were THE SOURHEADS from Wakefield, whose driving riff laden rock reminded me at times of Iggy Pop and the Stooges mixed with the Doors. They left the growing crowd suitably entertained with tracks off their album ‘Care Plan For The Soul’.


The Sourheads are:

Jake Coxon - Vocals

Mik Crone - Guitar

Ben Taylor - Bass

Chris Lambert - Drums


QUIET THE THIEF, a hard rock 4 piece from Stoke on Trent, were our next band. Formed in 2014 their punchy riffs tracks continued the sonic barrages for the day. A great sounding band who blasted out tracks from ‘Beyond Wonderland’ and ‘Silent Screams’.


Quiet The Thief are:

Sting Chell - Vocals/Guitar

Neil Bailey - Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals

Robert Hussey            - Drums

Gareth Harding - Bass



Local favourites EVERYDAY HEROES brought their bluesy rock to the fundraising event, playing tracks from their album ‘The Other Side of Nowhere’ and their self titled debut EP and also some new tracks from their forthcoming new record. As always a brilliant performance.


Everyday Heroes are:

Luke Phillips - Vocals/Guitar

Jay Haines - Drums

Lewis Watkins - Bass

Daniel Richards - Guitar


Next up were LIFER, another South Wales based outfit. This 4 piece band took the night in a heavier direction with their faster paced doom/thrash metal, playing tracks from their EP ‘Long Time Dead’ and album ‘Cursing Them Out’. These guys know how to pulverise your eardrums.


Lifer Are:

Scriv - Vocals

Web - Guitar/Vocals

Simon - Bass

Greg - Drums


EMPYRE from the Midlands were next up with their chunky, riff heavy sound. Intricate songs performed with a gritty style, Empyre have a sound that really engages. Playing tracks from both their EPs, EP1 and Something Remains they played an awesome set.


Empyre are:

Henrik Steenholdt - Vocals/Guitar

Did Coles - Lead Guitar

Jack Bowles - Drums

Grant Hockley - Bass


The penultimate band of the first day were RED SPEKTOR from Stoke on Trent whose dirty blues sound is filled with fuzzy guitars and huge riffs. Combine this with the fantastic solos, they reminded me of Black Sabbath at times but with the bands own style, a brilliant set.


Red Spektor are:

John Scane - Vocals/Guitar

Daz Bowen - Drums

Rob Farrell - Bass


The final band of this great night of music were THE DUKES OF BORDELLO, whose mix of alternative rock and almost, at times, Rockabilly style mixed with their humorous banter with the crowd, rounded off this great day in style. ‘Lowdown’N’Dirty’, their latest album provided the bulk of their set list.


The Dukes of Bordello are:

Andy Barrott - Vocals/Guitar

Sion Bailey - Doghouse Bass/Vocals

Caradoc Tyler - Drums


Overall Day One has been an amazing showcase for live music, some bands we’ve seen before, some new to us. Thank you to them all for giving their time for this worthy cause and I urge you to check them all out. The Rock’n’Roll Circus Events team of Ceri and Paul know how to put a line up together. We’re looking forward to Day Two.





The Doll’s House welcomes another 8 bands for another day of great music and fundraising including a raffle and an auction.


The first band to hit the stage were WESTON RD from Stafford, this being only their 5th show. Due to their early start the crowd was sparse but the band put on one of the performances of the weekend with their huge sound, massive riffs and powerful vocals.


Weston Rd are:

Joe Blanks - Vocals/Guitar

Leo Philipsen - Bass

Jake Brown - Drums


Next up were A TITAN, A DEITY a Birmingham/London 5 piece metalcore/progressive metal band.  With their heavy sound, combined with the dual vocal styles, both guttural and melodic topped off by some great guitar work they played tracks from their debut EP ‘Animate/Redefine’.


A Titan, A Deity are:

Luke Whyle - Lead Vocals

Ben Pinkus - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Ashley Cooke - Rhythm Guitar

Mitch Gibbons - Bass Guitar/ Backing Vocals

Dan Walton - Drums


South Wales based Doom metal outfit, BENEATH THE DIVINE were next on stage. Their style is a mix of Doom, Stoner and classic rock which is heavy at times. Full of great riffs, driving beats and melodic vocals, playing tracks from their album ‘The Wicked Resurrection’ their great set was received by the growing crowd.


Beneath The Divine are:

Jason - Vocals

Kev - Guitar

Tim - Bass

Barney - Drums


KIKAMORA are a Bristol based band that regularly supports the Rock’N’Roll Circus team at their events and, as always, entertain the growing crowd. With their hard hitting drums, thick bass line and skilful guitar work underpinning the powerful vocals, you can see why these guys get asked back time after time and they put on another brilliant performance.


Kikamora are:

Wilf Kite - Vocals

Jimi Bessant - Lead Guitar

Daniel Marshall - Rhythm Guitar

Rob Ives - Bass

Andy Page - Drums


BURNT OUT WRECK were next up, hailing from Northamptonshire this band call on their individual pedigree to create catchy songs in a brilliant classic rock style. This brilliant set of tracks from their debut album ‘Swallow’ pulls influences from all the big bands. Starting with the driving low end combined with the immense guitar work all topped of with Gary Moat’s vocals, brings back memories of the ‘80s but drags you kicking and screaming back to the present. 


Burnt Out Wreck are:

Adrian Dunn - Lead Guitar

Alex Carmichael - Bass

Miles Goodman - Rhythm Guitar

Paul Gray - Drums

Garry Moat - Vocals


London based 5 Piece IN SEARCH OF SUN hit the stage with an impressive blend of Funk and Prog Metal. Their set was a challenging one with a couple of sound issues and broken strings but these guys just battled through with a good set to entertain the fair crowd. Playing tracks from their album ‘Virgin Funk Mother’ these guys can hang a tune together.


In Search of Sun are:

Adam Leader - Vocals

Rory Kay - Guitars/Vocals

David Mena Ferrer - Guitars

Faz Couri - Bass

Sean Gorman - Drums


It seems likes the gremlins had paid the Doll’s House a visit as FIREROAD were also affected by gear issues so their set had to be shortened, but this didn’t stop them from playing a blinder. Their catchy, and foot tapping inducing songs got those in the crowd, who had space, to start dancing from the very first song. Once again Fireroad put in a performance that shows that these guys have the potential to be playing much larger venues.


Fireroad are:

Richard Jones - Vocals/Guitar

Gavin Davies - Guitar

Anthony Evans ‘Evsy’ - Bass

Matthew Whitney - Drums


With a short break in the musical proceedings for the charity raffle and auction, this included items donated by the bands throughout the weekend and also some donated from the likes of The Stereophonics, Skid Row and Hand Of Dimes.


The final act of the night, were local NWOBHM band TRAITORS GATE who brought their heavy classic rock sound to round off proceedings. This powerhouse 4 piece have only recently reformed after almost 30 years apart and playing tracks from their EP ‘Only The Strong’ along with some new material from a forth coming release, they showed that their desire to play hasn’t subsided. Their shortened set, due to the curfew, was just the way to finish off with their intricate guitars, powerful drums, pulsating bass and high quality vocals leaving you with the desire for more.


Traitors Gate are:

Steve Colley - Bass

Paul House - Drums

Andy Durso - Guitar

Sy Davies - Vocals


Day 2 of this fundraiser was over and I have to thank the bands for their time and for some absolutely great music. A few of the bands stood out above the rest but I recommend that every one of these bands that took the stage be checked out. We’re ready for Day Three.





So the final day of this amazing fund and awareness raising weekend begins and the first band up is SOCIAL EXPERIMENT who first came up with the idea of their band at The Dolls House. Their high energy punk blew away any cobwebs from the previous 2 days. Their set comprised of tracks from their self titled debut EP full of social commentary.


Social Experiment Are:

Puddle - Vocals

Newt - Bass

Nicky - Drums

Paul - Guitar/Vocals


Next up were EIGHT GREAT FEARS, a 5 piece progressive metal band from the Midlands who echo their wide variety of influences. They manage to merge these influences in a way that they create their own sound, with the guitars at times sounding very much like Tom Morello. Eight Great Fears are excellent musically with great powerful vocals. Playing tracks from their EP ‘Leeches’ and ‘When the Demons Come, Vol 1’ they impressed the growing crowd. This is a band I will be keeping an eye on.


Eight Great Fears are:

Riggs - Drums

James - Vocals

Gavin - Guitar

John - Guitar

Dean - Bass


Another South Wales band hits the stage, TENPLUSONE with their punk rock with a more melodic feel. With a set full of fast driven tracks from their EP ‘Too Late to Start again, Too Soon To Quit!’, and with a lot of humorous banter with the crowd and each other, they certainly entertained the crowd.



Dai - Bass Guitar

Gaz - Guitar/Vocals

Dunc - Drums


Newport based DEATHTRAPS were up next, with what they describe as gutter level garage rock’n’roll. Their music is fun, 100mph paced rock, with a more than a hint of Motörhead and the Ramones, with more humour in the set, Veej (vocals) saying that the rhythm section is suffering from “Easter egg fatigue”. Their set comprised of tracks from their album ‘Justice For The Risca One’.


The Deathtraps are:

Fraser Von Trapp - Bass/vocals

Matty Von Trapp - Drums

Veej Von Trapp - Guitar/vocals


THE BITTEN from Wolverhampton were next, another fast paced punk band who brought their “crushing guitars, gravel pit vocals, flat caps and attitude” to the party. A highly entertaining set which maintained the momentum of the day and the fair size crowd were suitable impressed.


The Bitten are:

J - Guitar/Vocals

Gaz - Guitar/Vocals

Dan - Drums

NewSteve - Bass/Vocals


Hereford based three piece band TERMINAL RAGE brought their straight up, no subtlety punk to the Dolls House. Their music is hard & fast, strewn with political statements. Some of the lyrical material being funny but unfortunately I’d be censored for quoting them. Their set contained tracks from the EP ‘Where’s Our Democracy’.


Terminal Rage are:

Rich Lovell - Guitar/Vocals

Bob Griffin - Drums/Vocals

Raph La Roche - Bass/Vocals


The Penultimate band of the weekend were Coventry based PELUGION, who brought their heavy driving rock to South Wales. The relentless drums overlaid by the bold bass lines, masterful guitar work and great vocals were really impressive. A band to be checked out again.


Pelugion are:

John Pittaway (The Goat) - Guitar

Brandon Balou (The Vulture) - Drums

Andy Sweeney (The Quatch) - Bass/Vocals


As the final band of the night prepared to take the stage, snow had started to fall and the crowd thinned out. The organisers of the weekend, Ceri and Paul thanked everyone for their support and announced that £1520 had been raised across the weekend.


NOT SINCE THE ACCIDENT from Cardiff had the honour of closing this awesome weekend with a full on punk set. Their fast pace set included a reggae vibe at times which unfortunately, due to an early curfew, they only managed a short set but the final band closed the festival in style.


Not Since The Accident are:

Rhys - Vocals

Steve - Guitar/Vocals

Lewis - Drums

Iain - Bass/Vocals


The dates have already been set for next years event which will be over the Easter weekend 19-21 April 2019. Ceri and Paul have once again surpassed themselves this year and they haven’t failed to put together a brilliant line up. I’m sure next year will be another step forward. I thank them and all at the Dolls House for an awesome weekend.



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