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Naomi Jeremiah


Last night's gig was in 'The Big Red', which is on Holloway Road in London, the most awesome of rock pubs. I've been there a few times now, and am always aware of the great atmosphere that this place generates. There are no attitudes in sight, which I have experienced over the years in other similar pubs. The staff are friendly, as are the clientele. Everyone's just having a great time together! The decor is amazing, I spot something different on the walls each time I go there. Their set up works brilliantly, and despite having a very small stage, they always showcase bands that should be / or who already are working stages much larger. You are always guaranteed a great night out with live music at this venue, so I urge you all to go and check this place out.


Up first last night was a band called THE KILLING FLOOR. Hailing from NYC, Nashville, and good old London town. THE KILLING FLOOR are Marco Argiro (Vocals, Bass), Ricky Muzick (Drums) and brothers Mark Alberici (Lead Guitar & BV) and Oliver Alberici (Rhythm Guitar & BV). THE KILLING FLOOR formed in 2009 after their paths crossed at a recording studio in NYC, where they were working with producers on separate projects. Their shared passions and vision brought them together to bring us a hard rocking band with a rich blend of sounds including punk, grunge, alt rock and indie. This was the final performance of their UK tour supporting THE DIRTY THRILLS as they promoted their new record 'Antisocialmedia'.  I felt it took them a couple of songs to find their feet with the crowd that had gathered to listen to them, but front man Marco, then soon came to life, with a passionate display of musical skill, and in addition political ranting concerning the current elections in the U.S, all the while encouraging the crowd to chant along with him. They definitely had fans within the room, and I felt THE KILLING FLOOR were a solid support act to open up the evening's entertainment. Oh, and I can't move on until I mention the most awesome guitar solo courtesy of Mark. Wow!


PISTON were next, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited for this set. I saw PISTON, who are from the West Midlands,  a few weeks back at 'The Underworld' and there and then I decided I needed to see these awesome guys again as soon as possible. PISTON are Rob Angelico (Vocals), Jack Edwards (Guitar), Luke Allet (Guitar), Stuart Egan (Bass) and the 'tornado' on the drum kit is Brad Newlands. PISTON have a solid, classic, old rock 'n' roll sound, but with a new energy and modern adaptation  that has created the most powerful and hard hitting tracks. Some of you may have seen my live streaming of their set last night on Facebook. I don't usually do this, but I was so eager to share what I was listening to. These videos can be found on The Gig Gals Facebook page, so please check them out. Rob's vocals are powerful and yet appear to take little effort to produce, this guy was born to do this. The bands energy is high throughout their set, and it's virtually impossible not to #wiggle those hips when listening to them. Their live performances are 'Raw' and this is what makes a 'gig' for me! They energise their audience, and smiles beam all around. As mentioned already Brad is an absolute tornado on the drums. He's fantastic to watch as well, this guy kicks ass! Along with Stuart & Luke, together they bring you solid bluesy riffs, and a dirty rock 'n' roll vibe, talented musicians. Jack's skills are impressive too!  He's actually quite captivating, the manner in which he moves around the stage, and jams with the others. He certainly knows his way around that guitar! Together these guys deliver a 'tight' set. If I had to give one criticism, which is extremely difficult to do with a band that I adore, it's that they didn't play for longer!! Can never get enough of this awesome band!! Go see them, you'll love them.


So, the headliners for last night were the incredible DIRTY THRILLS. I was really looking forward to seeing how they sounded live, as have been listening to them for some time, and often on Guy Bellamy's Rock Show on Meridian 107 FM. I can honestly say that these guys blew me away! Although their recorded works sound great, they just do not capture anywhere near the passion, power or wow factor that this band are capable of achieving in their live performance. DIRTY THRILLS are a London quartet consisting of Louis James (Vocals), Jack Fawdry (Guitar), Steve Corrigan (Drums) and Aaron Plows (Bass). They formed in 2012, and according to their social media profile their aim is to 'Bring great rock 'n' roll back to the masses'. Well if last night was anything to go by DIRTY THRILLS have already achieved this in abundance. They come at you with a youthful, playful energy, and with a filthy dirty, blues sound. Each band member is charismatic and an absolute joy to watch perform. These guys are fun! Louis, is a professional at working a crowd, and people respond in delight. Now, this guys vocals are phenomenal! What a set of pipes he has! Wow wow wow!!!! The vocal range is absolutely breathtaking, he hits high notes with ease and he holds notes for longer than humanly possible! I lost count of the amount of times my eyebrows raised in disbelief at what I was hearing. Individually these guys are talented and skilled, but together, what an explosive combination! I have zero doubt in my mind that these guys have a great future ahead of them!


There are so many incredibly talented bands on the circuit these days, and they all need your support to get them where they deserve to be. So buy their music. Buy their merchandise. But most importantly, go to their gigs! Go and experience who and what they really are, and what they are capable of. I realise it takes effort, but it is worth it for the awe inspiring displays of musical talent. Of late, I am really noticing that recordings are failing to capture the magnificence that these talented people are capable of. Nothing compares to live music!


The Gig Gals


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