ERIC MARTIN / ROB WHEELER / ROB WYLDE - Eleven, Stoke-on-Trent 30.10.18

Review by Lindsay Smith-Boam

Photo Credits: Lindzrs Media -Photography


It is amazing that so many greats of the rock world grace the stage at Eleven. This excellent music venue on the outskirts of the city has established itself as a quality music venue with a top notch sound system and decent light rigs.  It has a comfy bar attached to the main room and is a perfect place to spend a Tuesday evening.


First up tonight is Rob Wylde, the front man of bands Midnite City and Tigertailz.
I had only seen Rob perform with Midnite City so hearing him all on his own was a treat - the songs sounded great including ‘Ghosts of my old Friends’, ‘You Don’t Understand Me’ and ‘All the girls In The World’. ‘Tonight You Are All I Need’, a really strong version of ‘Kings Of The World’ and an emotional rendition of the big ballad ‘Heavens Falling’ are all equally strong. ‘Give Me Love’ finished off a strong set of 9 songs and was a great way to start the evening.

Local singer songwriter Rob Wheeler was next to perform. Accompanied by Elizabeth Birks and Stephen Tams (Keyboards), the crowd had begun to fill the room as he began a very relaxing acoustic set of his music and songs.  It’s easy listening and easy to enjoy. The vocals from Rob backed by Elizabeth were at times haunting, really lovely and a great demonstration of this talented guy. The set list featured songs from his two albums, ‘Little Ghosts Full Of Songs’ and his new album ‘Luxury Of Time’. ‘Perfume’ and ‘If Natasha Knows’ stood out for me particularly. Rob chats easily with the crowd and had many fans in the local audience. A great lead into the fabulous Mr Martin.

Whoops and cheers went around the room as David Cotterill took to the stage. This local man (and guitarist with Demon) has been touring again with Eric throughout Europe and it was nice to see him back in his hometown.  Eric smiled and seemed at ease on the stage, a glass of red close to hand, immediately chatting and connecting with the audience.
The room was now pretty full especially for a Tuesday night and both Dave and Eric seemed genuinely pleased to see so many smiling faces, the chatter easy and many friends and family gathered near to the barrier. Eric is also an accomplished guitarist and having the two of them playing together and singing so many classic songs was a massive treat for the eardrums.  From the start it was crystal clear that Eric’s voice is still perfection. Playing a great mixed set of up-tempo and the smoother slower ballads, the tone of Eric’s voice is just timeless and also stunningly beautiful. ‘Shine’ certainly did just that as did the crowd pleasing ‘Superfantastic’ and ‘Big Love’ which had the crowd singing along to every word.
‘To Be With You’ transported me back in time then a  bit of a giggle was a country version of the same song - amazingly it worked! ‘Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy’ lended itself to an acoustic performance brilliantly but the song of the set for me was ‘Take Cover’ a song which Martin dedicated to Pat Torpey who passed away from complications from Parkinson’s.  The tone and emotion in Eric’s voice was beyond incredible, I had goose-bumps, just a stunning song, sung by a stunning vocalist.  Finishing a spectacular set of 18 songs with ‘Green Tinted Sixties Mind’. The evening despite the length of the set ended too soon for me, I could listen to this forever.

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