FASTER PUSSYCAT - The Underworld, Camden 04.09.17

Kahmel Farahani


Fresh on the heels of their headlining performance at Hard Rock Hell Sleaze in Sheffield, Faster Pussycat came south for a headline show at The Camden Underworld on Monday night and yours truly decided to see if they still had any bite left in them.


Although frontman Taime Downe is the only remaining member from the band’s 80s heyday, the band around him look and, more importantly, sound the part.


A special mention must go to the twin guitarists Ace Von Johnson and Xristian Simon who handle classics like “Cathouse” and “Slip of The Tongue” with all the energy and attitude you could hope for, while the rhythm section is firmly held down by bassist Danny Nordahl and drummer Chad Stewart.


From the opening kick of “Jack The Bastard” to the lost gem of a balled “House Of Pain” I am genuinely impressed at how good Faster Pussycat sound.


Even more impressively, the band actually managed to fill up The Underworld on a Monday night! 


Although they’re usually lumped in with other 80s Hair bands, Faster Pussycat always had a harder punk edge then some of their contemporaries, and it shows tonight.


Shrewdly playing nothing in the way of new songs, Faster Pussycat stick to their guns and play to their audience.

A rocking cover of Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” leads into the pure down in the gutter sleaze of “Bathroom Wall”. It’s followed by Danny Nordahl taking the straight punk sneer of “Pretty Fucked Up”, before a reprise of “Bathroom Wall”.


Finishing a lean hour long set with “Babylon”, the band leave the crowd calling for more while Ace leaves his ringing guitar hanging from the ceiling. Coming back for the single song encore of “Where There’s a Whip There’s a Way”, the crowd in the Underworld are briefly given a taste of the legendary clubs of the Sunset Strip and the days when big riffs and leather trousers were all that you needed to succeed on stage. Chatting with fellow fans and guitarist Ace Von Johnson after the gig we all agree that it was a good show.

Easy off stage and sleazy on stage, Faster Pussycat still have it.



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