FLINT MOORE - Cambridge Big Weekend 08.07.17

Tom Blackburne - Maze

(Photo Credits: Volcanic Rock Photography)


Fresh from their success of winning the Cambridge Band Competition 2017, Flint Moore were rewarded with a main stage slot at the Cambridge Big Weekend on Saturday 8 July.


The band themselves are a five-piece outfit from Downham Market in Norfolk. They were formed in 2013 are an interesting blend of a number of different styles of music which really works for them. They mix some good hard rock with some grunge and a touch of folk mixed in. Francis provides lead vocals and plays the acoustic guitar, Noah hits the drums, Lawrence plays guitar, Ryan the keyboards and Maddy booms out her awesome bass guitar skills. It was a boiling hot sunny afternoon so when they hit the stage at 3.00pm, the crowd were well lubricated and looking forward to enjoying the band and none left disappointed.


They played six tracks in total over their 45-minute set; Boy to Beast, Secrets, Backchat, Body and Soul, Gangrene and Kingdom which showed us clearly what the band has to offer and why they won the recent band competition.

I think Flint Moore will appeal to a wide range of different tastes. If you like your folk music loud, or you like Biffy Clyro or the loud instrumental pieces played by Coldplay, I think you’ll find something you like and possibly some things you didn’t know you liked before. Flint Moore are able to blend all these together into their own style and sound that really works for them. All the tracks followed a similar trait, starting off gently with melodic feelings and built up gradually to bass thumping crescendos. Francis’s husky voice and his acoustic guitar together with the tinkling of Ryan’s keyboards gently lull you in to their alternative world. Then Noah winds up his drums and Maddy hits you with her incredible bass playing skills and you are left in no doubt these guys are excellent musicians. Lawrence is able to bring in his guitar at the appropriate points without over powering and taking over the band. They are able to go from quiet and gentle to loud and thumping regularly through each track during the set never leaving you bored but wondering what is next.


Francis has great charisma and is able to interact and bring the crowd with him. He talks regularly between the songs and before the track, “Gangrene”; he got the crowd to practice the chorus at the end of the track which worked well. Ryan and Lawrence are accomplished musicians and quietly get on with their parts without wishing to get distracted. Noah must be exhausted as he smashes his drums during the loud parts and looks relieved he can catch his breath during the quieter moments. And that brings me finally to the awesome bassist Maddy. She comes across as modest and shy but, boy, can she blow you away with her powerful beats. She is one awesome bass player, and if you also like your tattoos Maddy has some that will certainly impress you as much as her bass playing, particularly the cats. You won’t forget Maddy.


All in all, I thought they were brilliant. Excellent song writing with really talented musicians. I can see why they won the recent band contest and I would strongly recommend you listen to them. You might be as impressed as the judges and I were. I found it great music to listen to on my commute to London, lovely flowing and melodic as I dozed off and then a crash and boom to stop me from falling off to sleep again. If you get a chance I would also recommend you go and see them. This band offers something slightly different, they are an excellent blend of alternative styles which really work together and they deserve greater things and I hope they get them. Well done Flint Moore.        

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