Florence Black - Camden Rocks, Proud, Camden 11.02.17

Naomi Jeremiah / David Lydiard

Forget Camden Rocks, Florence Black, rocks!!! Taking to the stage mid afternoon, the Welsh three-piece tore through their set leaving everything they had up on the stage. For those of you unlucky enough not to have yet witnessed the raw, visceral live show that Florence Black put on, you are truly missing out. There are a lot of bands that give their all on stage, but we have never seen a band that throws as much energy and passion into a performance from start to finish as these three do.

One thing is for certain, these guys know how to deliver an explosive set. Taking us on a journey with old favourites such as the hook laden, big riff-fest that is "Fiesta", the grungy, palm muted chug of "Same Again" right up to recent single "Smoke" and even throwing in a cover of Budgies "Breadfan".

Jordan delivered stomach churning low end as his bass thundered throughout, whilst providing the backing vocals during those glorious, anthemic choruses. We have seen some absolute beasts, animals and tornadoes behind drum kits, but none of them come close to the ferocity and energy that Perry brings. Looking like he's just played for five hours straight after just one song, you can't help but smile and appreciate the level of effort this guy puts into his performances. Demanding that the sound guy turn his kick drum up, he made you feel every hit in your chest. Then we come to Tristan. What a frontman! He brings a swagger and presence to the stage and a relentless aggression. Whether snarling his gravelly vocal into the mic, or beating his Les Paul into submission with wah drenched, dirty riffs, he gives it his all and then some. He is what a frontman should be. Exuding charisma from every pore and having total command of his stage, we were even treated to a behind the neck guitar solo.

These guys are really going places, and deservedly so! If you haven’t caught them live yet, we cannot recommend doing so highly enough.

Go see them at one of their upcoming gigs:

Feb 24th – The Patriot, Crumlin, Caerphilly

Mar 17th – Redhouse Cymru, Merthyr Tydfil

May 5th – The Patriots 20th Anniversary, Fear at Avon Valley, Bristol

Jul 28th – Steelhouse Festival

Nov 10th – Hard Rock Hell

Check out their new single and music video ‘Smoke’ available to purchase and stream NOW!



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