Glenn Hughes / Stone Broken 21.01.17 London Islington Assembly Hall

Naomi Jeremiah / David Lydiard


Last night we attended the second date of a ten show tour at London's Islington Assembly. It was our first time at this particular venue and we were impressed to say the least. The venue itself holds 800 people (600 standing, 200 in the balcony) and naturally we were found #DownTheFront. At 8:15pm Stone Broken hit the stage and immediately tore into a blistering set. Considering this was only the second date, they showed no signs of road rust. For Naomi, this was another Stone Broken gig in a very long line since June 2016. A band that she simply cannot get enough of seeing live, especially when Vocalist/Guitarist Rich Moss gives her a pre-song shout out when announcing new song "Just A Memory."

For David, this was his second Stone Broken gig and it absolutely blew him away. The raw power and energy this band has is incredible and with each performance they get better and better, consistently refining and honing their craft.


Faced with a crowd of hardened Glenn Hughes supporters, Stone Broken did a fantastic job of winning them over and gaining new fans in the process. A seven song setlist consisting of "Stay All Night", "Better", "Be There", "Wait For You", "Just A Memory", "This Life" and "Not Your Enemy" tore the house down, with the aforementioned new song "Just A Memory" giving a tasty glimpse of the hard rocking sound to come on their second album which is currently being written. Robyn on the drums, much like her muppet mascot, is an absolute animal on the kit. She devours them for breakfast and is a powerhouse performer, providing a rock solid foundation. Chris on lead guitar is full of energy, bouncing around the stage like a man possessed, wielding his Tele with wild abandon and clearly having a great time. Kieron on bass exudes cool, prowling around the stage with his low slung, 5-string pummelling the crowd with its ferocious low end. Rich on vocals and rhythm guitar is the epitome of a charismatic front man. Constantly working the crowd to get them on side and keeping them in the palm of his hand all night. Showing no signs of the vocal problems that plagued him at the back end of last year, Rich's performance was powerful and did a great job of showcasing his British Hard Rock awesomeness. \m/


Simply put, Stone Broken are a band going places. They have an awesome debut album, "All In Time", they know how to write heavy, melodic rock songs and they put on one hell of a live show. When Stone Broken comes to town, you MUST get yourself a ticket and make your way #DownTheFront. 


Armed with a new album, "Resonate," Glenn Hughes is back in the UK for January/February with his band consisting of Søren Andersen on guitar, Pontus Engborg on drums and Jay Boe on keyboards. For this tour Glenn has mentioned that it's all about ROCK and what it means to us all, and bring the rock he did.


Despite having a new album to promote, you could forgive Hughes if he was to play a set of hits, or if he was to open with a big Deep Purple cut to get the crowd going, but instead we kicked off with "Flow" off the new record. A song with a hard and heavy bass groove, it was the perfect way to kick things off before going into the classic "Muscle and Blood"

We were treated to a wonderful display of Funk with "Getting Tighter" with a glorious funky breakdown that you can't help but dance to. It's this love of Funk, married with a love of Hard Rock that makes him such a versatile musician, with vocals that soar beautifully one minute and scream bloody murder the next. 


Versatility aside, "Resonate" is bringing back the rock in a big way. Gargantuan riffs and a mammoth vocal performance enables songs like "Stumble and Go" and "My Town" to fit effortlessly into an already impressive setlist. 

There was exciting news recently with the announcement of a new Black Country Communion album to be released later this year with Blues legend Joe Bonamassa. So, of course, to whet our appetite for that, Hughes pulled out "Black Country" and "One Last Soul" to a great reception.


How do you top a night of exhilarating performances and top notch songs? You end on a glorious high that is the Deep Purple classic, "Burn". The perfect way to end a great night of music from two superb acts.


We had a phenomenal evening at the Islington Assembly Hall. The crowd seemed to enjoy every moment and everyone left the venue in good spirits. We ended up at the merch stand to get our hands on the sweet new Stone Broken shirts and as always we would implore you to #BuyTheMerch #SupportLiveMusic and #SupportNewBands. 


Stone Broken "All in Time" and Glenn Hughes "Resonate" are available in all the usual places and would definitely recommend you check them both out and catch them live whenever you get the chance.


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