GRAHAM BONNET BAND / THE BRINK / EVYLTYDE / FIREROAD - Muni Arts Centre, Pontypridd 26.11.17



When we arrived at the venue on a chilly November Sunday, we thought the doors would open imminently, and we would soon be in the warm. However, we could hear the over running sound-check and thought we would be outside for a while. Thankfully, the staff at the Muni were once again, wonderful. We were shepherded into the lounge bar while we waited, and this served to increase the anticipation of the growing crowd.


First up on tonight’s packed bill were Fireroad, who we’d heard loads of good things about but had, until tonight missed. Taking to the stage this South Wales four piece were the perfect opening act, and even though they had a short set they still managed to play a mix of tracks from their albums ‘I Got Sound’ (2012) and ‘Flesh, Blood & Bone’(2017), their sound and energy were brilliant getting the crowd warmed up nicely. Richard Jones (Vocals/Guitar) taking the time to thank the crowd “For coming out on a school night”. They are a fabulous band, and for sure we will be going out of our way to catch them again.


Fireroad are:

Richard Jones (Vocals/Guitar)

Gavin Davies (Guitar)

Anthony Evans ‘Evsy’ (Bass)

Matthew Whitney (Drums)


Check them out at:






Next up were Evyltyde, a metal band from London whose set was plagued by guitar and bass problems. Helped out by the bass player from The Brink they managed to complete their set. With their heavy beat, screaming guitars and melodic vocals they entertained the crowd who showed their appreciation and understanding of the difficulties of playing live music.


Evyltyde are:

Hannah Delany (Vocals)

Danny Merton (Guitar)

Noah Scott (Bass)

Donna Grimshaw (Drums)


Check them out at:






Third on this busy bill were The Brink, hailing from Sheffield and Cambridgeshire this five piece hard rock hit the stage, with the swagger of a seasoned band. Their songs are catchy, high energy rock’n’roll. Playing a selection of self written tracks they entertained the crowd with some brilliant guitar work from Lexi and Izzy, the rhythm section of Gaz and Davide drive the tracks forward at pace and the great vocals of Tom really do bode well for these guys and gals futures. They said that there is an album in the pipeline for 2018 and I am looking forward to getting my hands on it. 


The Brink Are:

Tom Quick  (Vocals)

Lexi Laine  (Lead Guitar)

Izzy Trixx  (Rhythm Guitar)

Gaz Connor (Bass)

Davide Drake Bocci (Drums)


Check them out at:





Graham Bonnet takes the stage with no theatrics, no pyro, no announcement, just walks out, says “Hello” and gets on with what he does so well, straight into Alcatrazz’s ‘Too Young to Die, Too Drunk to Live’. It’s obvious from the first few lines that Graham still has the voice that has fronted some of the greatest bands in rock but has sung some of the most iconic songs of our generation. Surrounding himself with some absolutely amazing musicians the Graham Bonnet Band is a phenomenal outfit. Running through tracks from bands that he’s fronted; Rainbow, Alcatrazz, Michael Schenker Group, Impellitteri and of course, The Graham Bonnet Band, he had the crowd in awe of his vocal work. ‘All Night Long’ and ‘Night Games’ really get the crowd going, dancing, singing this is what live music is all about.


Graham is in great form with his banter with the crowd, not afraid of directing the humour back at himself, holding up a large print lyric sheet for a couple of his songs. Once the band gets to ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ the crowd has warmed up enough to raise the roof on the Muni by joining in. Beth-Ami Heavenstone (Bass) introduces the band and Graham takes time out to shake the hand of the Pontypridd crowd before they head into the classic ‘Eyes Of The World’.


Rounding off the set with ‘Hiroshima’ and ‘Lost in Hollywood’ the band looked like they’d had a ball, the crowd applause echoing that sentiment. Graham Bonnet may be one of the old guard in relation to lead singers but he still can teach all the young pups a thing or two.


Set List:

Too Young to Die, Too Drunk to Live

All Night Long

Night Games

California Air

God Blessed Video

Stand In Line

Island In The Sun

Desert Song

Starcarr Lane

Jet To Jet


Into The Night


Sky fire

Since You’ve Been Gone

Assault Attack

Eyes Of The World


Lost In Hollywood


The Graham Bonnet Band are:

Graham Bonnet (Vocals)

Joey Tafolla (Guitars)

Beth-Ami Heavenstone (Bass)

Jimmy Waldo (Keyboards)

Mark Benquechea (Drums)



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