The Underworld, Camden 22.10.16



Naomi Jeremiah


So, as is usually the way for   The Gig Gals, we were extremely excited about last night's gig. Neither of us had seen SKAM or SWEET CRISIS before, and we love to check out bands that haven't been on our radar previously....although I should say that @POPY_1 had been telling us about the awesomeness that is SKAM for some time!


A decent amount of people were there to start the evening off which is always great to see, as nowhere near enough people arrive early enough to gigs to support the support acts in our humble opinion! We of course were #DownTheFront and ready to 'ROCK'!!


Had no idea what to expect with SWEET CRISIS, hadn't listened to them previously. They came onto the stage with enthusiasm and a cool air about them. These guys were in the zone, and ready to rock.  SWEET CRISIS are an English rock band from Cambridge that formed in 2014. The band are Leo Robarts on vocals and rhythm guitar, Piers Mortimer on lead guitar & Dave Cullen on drums. People soon filled the floor when they started playing. Guitar driven rock, with soulful, funky and groovy riffs, these guys are on to a winner! For me, I enjoy live music so much more when I can see musicians lose themselves in their music, and these guys completely did that. Their passion oozes through every note, and although lost in their world feeling their vibe, they never failed to connect with the crowd. Even pausing with amusing stories of being mistaken for SKAM and signing SKAM's CD anyway! We loved SWEET CRISIS and can't wait to see them live again!!


Feeling nicely warmed up by SWEET CRISIS we awaited the arrival of SKAM.


WOW!! These guys 'BURST' onto the stage with the energy of the entire Red Bull factory!!! They'd set an expectation there and then that some ass kickin' was about to occur!! Obviously we are by now excited,  and they exploded into their first song. SKAM are a 3 piece hard rock band from ......Leicester (I think, can't be sure, they really need to try and let people know where they're from ;P) consisting of Steve Hill on vocals and guitar, Matt Gilmore on bass and Neal Hill on drums. Something I need to get out of the way early on, is just how awesomely elastic Matt's face is, and a tongue that Gene Simmons would be jealous of! Haha Ok now we've put that out there let's move on! SKAM delivered a cracking explosive set that was most certainly lapped up by the ever growing crowd. Song after song filled with the most amazing riffs, you couldn't help but #Wiggle and rock with these guys! Steve's rock vocal range is superb, Neal smacks the hell out of those drums and Matt is one of the most lively bassists I've seen. Furthermore they all look as though they enjoy every second of being upon that stage! Again, something we love to see, it is that, that makes us buzz at gigs! Glancing back at the crowd, I was certain that we were all enjoying listening as much as they enjoyed playing! Their passion was evident, their enthusiasm intoxicating, their talent off the scale! SKAM are a band to watch!! They gave a fantastic 'Headline' performance, and it would be a great loss to festivals and venues alike if these guys aren't snapped up for line ups across the country. I cannot wait to see them again, and so far this morning have had their music on at 11, can't get enough of the awesomeness that is SKAM!!!


.....and now we move onto the headline act of the night GUN!!! I would continue reviewing but as my fellow Gig Gal is chomping at the bit to talk about them, it would be unfair to not pass this particular review over to the wonderful Gaynor!


Gaynor Evans


.....And last up, the Head line act of the night - the amazing, gorgeous GUN, did I say gorgeous...I mean GORGEOUS!! As a GUNette, from way back in the early 90's - yes that long ago! Ha ha...Was just a little bit excited to see the guys again and trust me, they didn't disappoint!


Kicking off their set with 'Let It Shine' and then straight into 'Word Up' it doesn't get much better, the crowd was buzzing and frantically waving their hands in the air like they didn't care - ourselves most definitely included! The set continued with firm favourites, from 'Taking On The World' and 'Gallus' albums and a couple more recent tracks from the fab 'Frantic' album too. Over the years, I have seen the GUN guys - A LOT and with various line ups but last night they had that full package back! I think the return of Alex Dickson to the fold has cemented GUN back as a class, energetic, fun ROCKING band. People forget how many great tracks they have under their belt and all those at The Underworld, Camden, last night were treated to a rocking reminder of that! I honestly don't think GUN have seen 'Better Days'!


Here's to excitedly awaiting their new album next year and their tour with the awesome Black Star Riders in Spring 2017!


Two extremely happy #GIGGALS !!!

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