IDLEWAR / FLORENCE BLACK / BROOD MOTHER - The Iron Road Rock Bar, Evesham 05.11.17


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Arriving at the Iron Road, Evesham, on bonfire night I was expecting to find a venue packed to the rafters for the awesome line up tonight. What I found was a small gathering of devoted rock fans supporting live music and some of them travelling more than an hour to do so! Awesome! Though the venue is quiet with only 20 or 30 patrons the atmosphere is light and friendly while we all wait patiently for the good stuff to start.


Brood Mother, a quintet from Worcester, kicked off the evening with their stoner rock / doom metal offering. They were well received by the audience as they progressed through a 25 minute set of original tracks, to include ‘Anti-Magick’, Cosmik Pyramid’, ‘Natural Born Sinner’, and ‘Feedback’. ‘Space Wizard’ was my personal favourite about a superhero who travels through the universe saving people and according to Noel (vocals) ‘His girlfriend is pretty damn hot too!’ During their performance Noel takes on an unusual persona, taking the microphone away from his face and addressing the audience, although due to the music we can’t hear what he is saying. Maybe we should lip read? At all times his foot is planted firmly on the monitors, fully addressing the audience and drawing them in. It was an unusual and quirky set to say the least and certainly not what I was expecting. Their set was heavy and loud, full of original songs and appreciation for being part of the night; the lads all seem so friendly and approachable afterwards too.


Check out their debut EP ‘One Million Mountains’ on their YouTube page: Or find out more about Brood Mother on their Facebook page:


Brood Mother are:

Noel – Vocals

Karl – Guitar

Jon – Guitar

Ian – Bass

Dave – Drums


Next up is the awesome Florence Back! The trio from Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, have a bit of a reputation for blowing the roof off a venue; and these boys didn’t disappoint tonight at all! They take to the small stage like a duck takes to water; they seem at home there, familiar and naturals at performing to an audience no matter what the size. Whether it’s performing on main stages such as Steelhouse Live Festival as they did earlier in the year, or in a smaller more intimate venue, these guys know how to rock your socks off!


Their 30 minute set is filled with the customary viscous head banging; booming bass from Fozzi; bludgeoning drums from Perry; while Tristan belts out his powerful vocals and blistering riffs. Tristan and Fozzi bound about the stage like a pair of musically minded Tazmanian devils while their instruments are thrown around in a wild frenzy of superbly delivered hard rock! I’m exhausted just watching them! Fozzi’s hair is like a separate entity, taking on a life of its own as he throws his head around while Perry bashes away on the drums as if he’s trying to hammer a hole through the stage!


Florence Black as always, deliver an intensely entertaining and energised performance alongside their stellar set which included ‘Burn’, ‘Fiesta’, ‘The One’, ‘Same Again’, ‘Breadfan’, ‘Smoke’ and ‘Johnny’. I would have liked for them to perform their new single ‘Gunshot’ tonight but alas, it wasn’t meant to be! Check out their new single ‘Gunshot’ feat. Benji Webbe (Skindred) for yourself on Youtube:


Seriously, if you haven’t yet caught a live show from Florence Black go and do it now! They’re awesome! To find out more and check for their live events visit their Facebook page:


Florence Black are:

Tristan – Vocals and guitar

Fozzi – Bass

Perry – Drums


The headliners for the evening are Idlewar, a trio hailing from Orange County, California who deliver the very essence of what rock stands for; heavy bass, powerful riff driven tracks, vocals full of grit and battering drums that really ensure that any gig with Idlewar on the bill is going to be immense!


From the offset the music is booming as they kick off with ‘Hang’ from new album ‘Rite’. James Blake’s vocals are strong and powerful while he delivers a foray of heavy bass, Peter Pagonis accompanies Blake in the rhythm section and delivers huge booming drums while Rick Graham entices and entertains with his huge riffs and stage presence.


Their set includes 14 songs from their various releases, including tracks from their debut EP ‘Dig In’, debut album ‘Impulse’ and latest album ‘Rite’. ‘Sullen Moon’, again from their latest album, is a huge track that showcases Rick Graham’s awesome guitar skills as he rips it up with a blues feel riff while Blake soars with his huge vocals. James takes time to address the audience and thank them for coming out tonight and says ‘we have travelled 5500 miles just to play for you’, to which the audience give a small but encouraging cheer. They proceed through their set of heavy old school rock playing tracks such as ‘Soul’, ‘Glory’, and ‘Burn all This’ from their Impulse album, and ‘Hold On’, ‘Sing Loud’, ‘Break’ and ‘Panic’ from their latest album.

I love how Idlewar make the night seem so relaxed yet energised at the same time. They do this so well during the track ‘You’re Gone’ where James explains how “he loves being able to share the personal stuff with the fans, being the bleeding heart lover that he is”. He dedicates the song to Al. It’s a great track, slow and heavy yet full of emotion and his vocals really connect with me on this track. They play one more track ‘Panic’ whereby it seems their set has come to a conclusion amidst a rapturous applause, but as the audience slowly move away from the stage James asks ‘Where you going?’, to which the guys pick up their instruments and hit the audience with their encore track ‘Eleventeen’. It’s a great track to end the evening on and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.


To find out more about Idlewar please check out their Facebook page:, or check out some videos on their YouTube channel:


Idlewar are:

James Blake – Bass and Vocals

Rick Graham – Guitar

Peter Pagonis - Drums




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