INGLORIOUS / WAYWARD SONS -      Rescue Rooms, Rock City, Nottingham 12.10.17



It seemed like the dream gig night.  Wayward Sons are riding high following the release of their first album ‘Ghosts of Yet to Come’ and the mighty Inglorious, who have destroyed any notion that classic rock is dead are touring their number 1 album, Inglorious II to many sold out venues.


That dream turned into a reality when Wayward Sons cranked up the crowd with a terrific set, Toby, Phil, Nic, Dave and Sam giving a tight and full on performance of many songs from their album and a ‘Little’ surprise thrown in to boot.  As there is one more show left on the tour, Camden next Friday, I won’t give the set list away for either band, but trust me you are in for a treat. 

What I will say is that the songs performed by Wayward Sons live sound even better than on the album itself. 


Toby may have turned 50 this week (Happy Birthday Toby) but his energy is boundless and his excitement for this new chapter in his career is evident and infectious.  A truly experienced frontman with the band who have actually been playing together live for only around a dozen and a half gigs are getting tighter and more comfortable, confidently playing the songs and playing the crowd.

I saw the bands second gig back in late July and they were spot on then but this gig...Wow!! Toby apologised for his voice not being at its best but you would never have known.


Dates for an April 2018 tour are soon to be announced! Buy the album, go and see Wayward Sons live and enjoy really great music.


Wayward Sons are: Toby Jepson – vocals/guitar, Nic Wastell - bass, Phil Martini - drums, Sam Wood - guitar and Dave Kemp - keyboards.


The first part of the dream gig over, would Inglorious be able to match their album launch gig in London a few months ago which saw them blow the roof off the joint?


Picking off tracks from both albums, the crowd lapped it up.  Having the Keyboards back for live performances allows the tracks to have the same dimension they have on the albums.  A good move guys! 


Drew has dropped back into the band where he belongs and complements Andreas on lead guitar giving a fullness, which when completed by the delicious bass playing from Colin, gives a very glorious sound. What can you say about Phil Beaver on drums? His energy is unbelievable, the cog that drives the machine that is Inglorious.


Drew showed his guitar skills further by accompanying Nathan for an acoustic tribute to Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell. It has been a tough couple of years with some mighty losses to music and this tribute was beautiful.  Nathan truly has a stunning voice.


Nathan in his peacock plumed, embroidered jacket owned the stage…nailing every song, delivering a show, not just a gig…Nathan is a performer, no two ways about it.  And that voice! From the strength needed on tracks like ‘Read All About It’ to the softer, delicacy needed for ‘Faraway’ (slight spoiler – sorry!), his voice is faultless.


Colin and Phil showed what an impressive rhythm section should sound like with a bass and drum solo.  I admit that I don’t pay much attention during drum solos normally – they go on way too long and can often seem self-indulgent, but Phil and Colin together sound awesome, full of funk and groove.


Inglorious seem to delight in playing live and the crowd delight in them playing live too especially when Nathan suddenly appears on the balcony and then in the main body of the crowd whilst performing one of the crowd favourites.  The respect from the crowd when Nathan does go walkabout is so nice to see.  Rock fans simply are the best!


You always have that one or two gigs when you just don’t want it to end – this was one of mine. 

A thoroughly enjoyable evening!

If you are going to the London gig - I'm jealous!!


Following the gig, the bands both came out and mingled with the gig-goers, finding time to talk to all and have endless selfies.  Consummate professionalism from both bands, valuing the contributions each and every one of the fans make to their careers.


Inglorious are: Nathan James – vocals, Andreas Eriksson – lead guitar, Colin Parkinson – bass guitar, Phil Beaver – Drums, Drew Lowe – rhythm guitar.





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