Interview with Jay / GENE LOVES JEZEBEL

By Lynn Carberry


Dance Underwater is the first album to be released since 2003, almost 15 years ago. Why have you chose to release new material now? Is there any significance to this time frame?

A. No. It was something that took me by surprise actually. It all happened very quickly & I never thought we’d ever make another Gene Loves Jezebel album. We only get together once or twice a year to perform {though we all often hang out) & we’ve always talked about doing a new album, but as soon as we go our separate ways, everybody seems to forget about it. Last year after a festival in Portugal, Pete Rizzo took it upon himself to finally make it happen & got a Pledge Music campaign going. & here we are “Dance Underwater.”

Are you planning a UK tour or any festival appearances in support of the new album?

A.    Hopefully in the Autumn. We’re getting a splendid reaction to “Dance Underwater”  & I think only good things can come from it. We’d love to tour it. The shows we did recently in the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal & London were fantastic for us. We played ½ the new album in the set. We even ended the set with “How Do You Say Goodbye (to someone you love), I think it’s unusual for a band to finish a set with a new song & a ballad! I think that reflects the strength of the new album.

How was getting back in the studio to create together again after a long hiatus?

A. Well, we’re a band & there’s very natural & real chemistry between us. James, Pete & Chris are excellent & very experienced musicians + the fact the very wonderful Peter Walsh produced it, made it all so very easy. Everybody involved was so into the songs, it was the perfect way to record together after such a long time. We all loved the experience. Much laughter & very hard work.

Do you think it’s likely we’ll ever see a Gene Loves Jezebel reunion with your brother? Would you ever consider making music with him again in the future?

A. I never sat down with & wrote a song with him. We have no desire (no pun intended) to work with him in any capacity, ever again. So, “it’s unlikely” is the short answer….


The image of the band, as was the era, was extremely eye catching? Who were and are your influences both in terms of music and fashion?

A. Many musical. Tons of singer/songwriters inspired me to find my very own voice. I’m not particularly materialistic, but I do love clothes & messing about with my hair. I would say that Bryan Ferry almost single handedly pointed the way for so many in popular music. Elvis before the jumpsuits, was a very stylish dresser & was very good with colour. A stylish person can carry pretty much anything.


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