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Brit Rockers Phoenix Calling are set to play the last show of their ‘Our Lost Hearts’ Tour in Birmingham tonight at the 02 Academy 3 in Birmingham. Samantha from Down The Front Media caught up with Steven Chapman, lead singer and all round nice guy for a quick chat after their performance.


S: So, tell me, how has the tour been?


PC: Oh it's been absolutely amazing! We don't want it to end really. It's been long but it's been so much fun, all the guys have been proper up for it every night, Dave's (McPherson from InMe) been great, just had an absolute blast. Shame it's come to an end but I think we're all a bit knackered.


S: This is the last leg?


PC: Yeh, this is the final, the final show is done makes you a bit sad but heck, onto the next one.


S: Who are you all listening to at the moment? Who is on The Phoenix Calling tour bus playlist?


PC: We have a very wide taste throughout the band, So here we go; Idivide, Alterbridge, InMe, Neil Young, Breaking Benjamin, Mallory knox, John butler trio, so much going on!


S: You dropped the album November 17th, went out on tour November 18th so you did 8 dates, this is last one. Whats next?


PC: Well, we just wanna see how sales go, me and Dom have been writing already so I think we've got the next lot of tracks to go. We're hoping or one of the big festivals, cos obviously it'll be now 6 months now before something gets around. Definitely hoping for one of the big festivals and just like a little bit of a break for Christmas and then we wanna be gig, gig, gig, gig. Just putting it everywhere, you know even people who don't want it in their faces, we're gonna put it in their faces (laughs)


S: So have you got your application in for the Rising Stage at Ramblin' Man? Because you know it's has been out there to get your submissions in? So if you want the festivals you've gotta get onto that!


PC: We'll get onto that!


S: Good, good you really should. So, you say you're writing music, is it just you and Dom that do the writing or…?


PC: No, the first album was mainly Dom, but this album all of us have had a hand in it, literally even the drummer has done some of the writing and I think that's why we're more proud of this cos everyone's had equal input. Me and Dom I think we've have done 3, Martyn's done 3, Jason's done 2, so it's like our baby really. Really proud of it.


S: When writing an album, who do you look to for your influence?


PC: We as a band really like the Brit Rock sound. So the likes of Young Guns, You Me At Six, Kids In Glass Houses, you know that kind of thing.


S: The track ‘Fifty Four-Forty Seven’ is a really great ballad, but what’s the title all about?


PC: Fifty four forty seven was written by Martyn and it represents his parent’s years of birth.


S: On the new album then which one is your favourite?


PC: Mine is 'Sins and Thieves', I really like the heavier side of Phoenix Calling. I think it's been sort of waiting to come out, cos when we first started we had this like massive heavy sound, but then we thought are we going the right way? It's not commercial enough... but then we thought it's what our sound is and I'm a big fan of the heavier stuff and I've got a sort of shouty voice so I like the heavier stuff. What's your favourite one?


S: Mine? I like 'Time Runs Out', but of course that was the one tonight where the microphone went!


PC: Yeh the microphone went, what a disaster! I did check, it wasn't on my end. I think the sound man had a mare cos I checked all the leads and it’s a brand new microphone, I don't know what happened there. So that's your favourite song it went out on?


S: Yeh it was, I was like 'Yes they're doing the single!'


PC: Yeh and it was right on the quiet bit as well where I get to show off and there's no music and it's just me singing, but I didn't even realise cos I had in ear monitors on and it was coming through fine and Martyn was just like mouthing at me 'Your mic's not working!' and I was thinking well it's working in my ears! (laughs)


S: We couldn't hear you though! But I enjoyed it anyway (laughs)

So you're going to get onto the Ramblin' man application and all that… when are you going to start writing again? Because I loved the first album 'Forget Your Ghosts'


PC: Have they got better in your opinion?


S: Yeh yeh, I like the heavier stuff like 'Atlas' on the new album… and I just want to hear more like that! So, when are we going to get more?


PC: Yeh I mean I'm not an angry person but I love to shout!


S: Yeh, it's good to vent.


PC: Yeh, so like I say we’ve got a few songs, there’s no time frame on an album yet, we’re gonna start demoing as soon as possible, and look to have a big summer.


S: That sounds great, wonderful! It’s been really great talking to you, thank you so much!


PC: Ah thank you, it’s been a pleasure, thank you.

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