Interview with.....TANTRUM         @The Belle Angele, Edinburgh 01.12.17






Recorded before their support slot with Diamond Head at La Belle Angele, Edinburgh, Chris from DTFM managed to grab a quick interview with the Tantrum lads just before hitting the stage.....


C: So, here we are on the night of your big show with Diamond Head in Edinburgh at La Belle Angele. Is that how you pronounce it, I’m not really sure?


T: It’s very French. The beautiful Angel (laughs).


C: How are you feeling about the show tonight guys?


T: Awesome. Excited. We’re feeling good.


C: I heard you at sound check and haven’t heard that song before?


T: It’s all new songs tonight, one off the EP. A lot of new stuff.


C: The new material - Are we going to be able to hear that soon? Are you releasing it?


T: Yeah, early next year. The album is in the works and we’re back in the studio soon to do a few more vocal tracks and then we’re gonna record the rest of the new stuff probably early next year. We’re getting there.


C: Its sounding good, I’m looking forward to it. 2017 then - What were the highlights?


T: Wildfire was pretty cool, we loved it. That’s where we met David and Naomi from Down the Front for the first time.

C: 2018 then - what’s the plan?


T: Rockmantic Festival in February, Bloodstock, Metal to the Masses....Metal for the missus! (laughs). We’re back at Bannermans and we’re looking to go a bit further afield as well.


C: And what’s special about tonight?


T: It’s good to get some new stuff out and let people hear it. See if people enjoy it and to see if it goes down well. And if it doesn’t, we’ll just need to start again (laughs).


C: You guys have got a following now…


T: It’s building yeah. As long as they come to the gigs! We’ve been building slowly and hoping people like it. They keep coming back so they must.


C: Let’s not ignore the fact that Diamond Head are massive in terms of influence in the style of music you’re playing but who are your influences?


T: Diamond Head-era earlier NWOBHM stuff. More obscure bands in that realm like Avenger and Fist. All the classics; Maiden, Saxon, Accept.


C: You’re very melodic with the twin guitars and solid rhythm behind?


T: That’s the Lizzy influence I guess. There aren’t many bands doing that massively just now. A lot of bands tend to go down a grungier route. We kinda stick out like a sore thumb...that’s been bashed with a 5 pound mash hammer. A friendless, unloved thumb....with scabs on it and an in-grown nail (laughs). It’s really to keep those two (guitarists Steve and Stoo) happy so they’re not stealing each other’s solos.


C: Really? Is there a bit of competition there?


T: Well they’re two great guitarists. It’s the best band I’ve ever been in.


C: Well you’re due on stage any minute so good luck with the gig then guys. Thank you and I’ll see you Down the Front!


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